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Powering ProductivityFlex for success through partnering, engagement & continued learning

Flex for success through partnering, engagement & continued learning

Want to know how to flex for success and growth and how you can gain a sense of belonging and engagement with others?

Throughout my journey in the flexible workspace industry I’ve met the most diverse and amazing people and businesses and heard some truly motivating stories.  Through coaching and mentoring, partnering with other businesses and being immersed in the needs of our members and the most productive ways to flex their work life I’ve noticed my own ability to flex and move through volatility and uncertainty in both personal and work life has grown massively.

Here are some useful areas to explore…….

  • Surround yourself with supporters, mentors, champions that truly understand the visions and the goals that you are working towards for you and your team. Make yourself accountable to them for the action steps that you must take in order to achieve these goals.


  • Partnering with other businesses, alliances and organisations can bring diverse benefits from expertise, best practice, new ideas and ways of thinking and working, sounding boards. It can also bring growth and economic benefits such as economies of scale, cooperative buying powers, the ability to win bigger projects, tenders, members. Even partnering up with peer businesses in your industry – it may sound counter intuitive but it’s really empowering from both sides.


  • Be a part of the local community – this can be partnering with local charities, getting involved in community initiatives such as clean-ups, lobbying, fundraisers, promotions, joining your local Business Improvement District or Chamber of Commerce. Not only does this build relations, promote your business but it also brings an incredible rewarding feeling and sense of belonging. As a flexible workspace provider, The Hub Newry partners with and sit on the Board of the Clanrye Group who deliver programmes in Northern Ireland community development, youth and family services and disability services and they’ve recently won an award for ‘Best place to work’ and ‘Best business in the community’.


  • Coaching, mentoring and continued learning – for me personally the ability to be able to pass on knowledge and best practice to others as well as learning from them is a continual two way process and is invaluable. I’m constantly learning new ways of working, learning how others develop and take on new information and more importantly what they need to continue to grow and succeed and how we can make that happen. Engagement gives the ability to see things from different perspectives and again, allows growth through times of volatility and uncertainty.


Learn to trust and be open with those around you that truly value what you do and what you have to say.

A big thank you and gratitude in abundance to our mentors, supporters and champions on this.


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