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Powering ProductivityCreating the environment to get clear on what success looks like to you!

Creating the environment to get clear on what success looks like to you!

What does success look like in your mind right now? Is it centred in the process or the end accomplishment? Are you even clear what success is to you?

To me this question is truly unique and creative to each one of us. Yes, we are all given 24 hours, 7 days a week but we are all born with unique skills, values, goals, circumstances, personalities, characters, relationships and so our perspective on defining success and its journey will be completely unique.

Does success to you encompass one aspect of your life or a multitude of areas and perspectives? For example, it could be all or any one of these areas below:

  • Ability to consistently meet your financial goals
  • Comfortably provide for your family and have surplus for a ‘sunny day fund’
  • The flexibility of time to enjoy doing the things you love without being distracted by ‘to do’ lists, the chimp on your shoulder constantly nagging at you.
  • Surrounding yourself only with people you want to work with and those you love being with
  • Being able to say “No” if it doesn’t serve you and your goals
  • The time to dedicate to opportunities that might arise out of the blue….
  • Continued growth, development and creativity

So how do I identify what success looks like to me?

Well, it comes back down to productivity, flexibility and mapping out the time and space to get clarity and ‘stand in your power’. Once you’ve done this it will allow you the time and space to focus creatively and reflect. Here are some pointers:

  1. What do I need to achieve at work, by when and what action steps do I need to take to get there, are they realistic timescales?
  2. How much time do I physically have available to allocate to these actions?
  3. Out of those time slots when are my most productive times of the day, when is my energy at its highest?
  4. Am I in the right flexible working environment to achieve what I need to do in the time I have?
  5. Block out & schedule time in your diary to get cracking with your main actions. Know your least productive & low energy times schedule and schedule in self-care, maybe a rest or sometimes I find that during these times I can get admin bits done that don’t take too much focus.
  6. Don’t forget to schedule in other commitments and space for distractions and unknowns like emails, unexpected meetings….
  7. Identify your strengths & skills sets and know which of these you like doing, this is where your value is so use it and love it! Know what you’re not so good at or really don’t like doing and then delegate or downtime focusing on this where possible.

Now you should be able to schedule more focused time in your diary for you to really reflect on your overall goals, what makes you spark, when do you feel you stand in your power and shine?  You may find during this time that you have an ‘aha’ moment!

As Christine Kane says in her book ‘The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur’:

“Power is not just about dominating – when taken for the subtle energy it is channelled in a way that’s creative  and works with your personal system – it’s so earth shatteringly simple and so much fun that it’s not tiring. ‘Power to’ manifest whatever envision for yourself, for your business, for the world’.” Here’s Christine’s podcast shedding more light on to how to stand in your power

In a recent podcast chat with Russell Zehtab of The Silk Mentoring Empowerment Cycle we discussed how we need to be conscious of how we apply ourselves and how we want to grow. “We’ve often made our lives really complicated and often work and life are so thickly entangled that it’s hard to separate them. We need to bring a more holistic approach where it’s all in balance and sustainable. We don’t have to constantly reinvent ourselves, we already have knowledge which exists, what you have to do is apply it. When you take this action, that is where the growth and magic happens!”

To be creative is a constant work in progress and so is success to many of us, it is about showing up each day, being kind to ourselves and taking one action, however small, towards our goals. Enjoying the path that we’re on and learning along the way.

As Julia Cameron quotes in ‘The Artist’s Way’. “Just when we get there, there disappears. Dissatisfied with our accomplishments, however lofty, we are once again confronted with our creative self and it hungers.”


If you’d like to learn more about how to get more clarity on your success by being more productive and flexible with the time you have then you can read more here or email me at:

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