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Powering ProductivityBio – Suzanne Murdock on coworking & curating communities

Bio – Suzanne Murdock on coworking & curating communities

Suzanne Murdock, co-founder of The Hub Newry – coworking,  curating communities & remote working practices expert.

Expertise: Coworking Founder /Curator of Workspace, RemoteWorking Practices, Communities / Mother Hubber /Co-Host of Ask The Expert series


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Suzanne Murdock Interview with Alison Matthews on the benefits of coworking & curating communities

Describe your expertise:

Co-founder and owner of the multi award winning The Hub Newry established in 2012, a network of 3 coworking spaces spread across/ Newry city, located on the main A1/M1 corridor between Belfast and Dublin.  It is one of the original coworking spaces in Northern Ireland. The 2019 addition of Maggie’s Coworking Cafe yielded another award – for ‘Best Cafe’ in the Northern Ireland Independent Retail Awards in its first year.

A founding member of “The Irish Coworking Assembly” I am a curator of evolving coworking models, practices and communities; social innovation; collaborative working environment and supporting and connecting people island-wide. #futureofwork

The path hasn’t always been easy and it’s clear to see that for the self-employed and those in micro businesses – there isn’t always an obvious support network.

“Support to me goes beyond just the bricks and mortar and developing the business, it’s about identifying those skills that make you happy, building on them, adapting when you need to and growing as a person but it’s also about being aware of the skills that you don’t have and asking for help, listening to other experts and delegating.”

Additional activities include: 

  • Consulting on collaborative working techniques, designing and implementing/launching collaborative environments and workspaces to foster innovation in the workplace.

  • Developing a best practice remit for getting the best out of a small cluster of industries working closely together e.g. Translators +PR + Digital Media / Health & Safety + Construction Consultants / Hospitality & Tourism.

  • Mentor with Young Enterprise NI

  • RSA Fellowship – a global community of 30,000 proactive problem solvers sharing visions and values, building networks and creating opportunities for people to collaborate, influence and demonstrate practical solutions to resolve the challenges of our time.

Suzanne Murdock Interview with Alison Matthews on the benefits of coworking & curating communities

“Interviewed by Alison Matthews of VirtuAli as part of her SanityCircle back in October 2019. Things have evolved since then, BREXIT and far more is now in progress, cafe’s are in transit but will return. In spite of this, more so than ever, people still need people to collaborate with. Communities and co-operation is a vital part of our happiness and success whether face to face or remotely.”

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MD & Co Founder

Hi, I'm Suzanne Murdock, The Hub's MD & CoCreator. Aside from being a flex & coworking space owner operator I'm also: ✅ A Certified Coach Mentor Offering Support With Hybrid & Flexible Office Workplace Solutions & Businesses & ✅ Executive, Leadership & SME Business Coach Mentor 💁🏼“I help SME business owners, property owners & flex operators with their hybrid & flexible workplace transformations." A particular focus on regional v city centric workplaces Discover your optimum, flexible working environments & those meaningful connections that bring agility, a sense of belonging & sustain your energy & performance." & 💁🏼"I help SME business owners & FlexSpace owners & operators reach their full potential through executive, leadership & general business coaching & mentoring." Together we can bring you Clarity, Define your Purpose, and set you on your Confident Journey of Endless Possibilities & Sustainable Energy! Who do I work with? ✅Forward thinking SME business owners, property owners & / or flex space operators ready to embrace change. Here's how we can work together: ✅Clarity hours ✅Strategy sessions ✅1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring Packages Together we can bring a transformational change to you and your business so please get in touch! BOOK A FREE, 15 MINUTES, NO OBLIGATIONS DISCOVERY CALL 😊 Don't go it alone you can reach me by 📧 on or hop over to my 🌐 Keep in touch here 😊:

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