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Powering ProductivityBio – Clare Hegarty on how nutrition & sleep are not mutually exclusive
Clare Hegarty - AskTheExpert Presenter

Bio – Clare Hegarty on how nutrition & sleep are not mutually exclusive

Clare Hegarty, Founder of Clare Hegarty Nutrition – nutrition and sleep coach.

Expertise: Understanding and educating around the importance of the holistic, 360 degree approach of linking good sleep with balanced nutrition and not looking at them in isolation. Clare is very much focused around children’s health and development and is passionate about educating parents around the best ways to look after their own sleep and nutrition so as they can equip and help their children around these topics.

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“It’s not about kale & chick peas, holistically it’s about the person from top to bottom. I have never come across anybody who has a fantastic diet but has really poor sleep and is doing well, we need all of these bits together.”

Video Interview with Clare Hegarty 14-06-20

Clare’s Signature Story:

  • A certified nutritionist and health coach and mum of 3 children – the motivation for doing what I do today.
  • Once in a busy corporate career, I now specialise in helping women transform their own and their family’s health.
  • Providing families with the tools to create lifelong healthy habits and help kids thrive.
  • With 2 young children and a demanding corporate job, I started to put my own health and nutrition way down my list of priorities, my energy levels were on the floor, I was exhausted yet wasn’t sleeping well.
  • Around this time, my little boy was starting to show signs of significant sensory issues that would eventually require additional support and help. Meal-times became very stressful and getting him to eat anything healthy was becoming a real and worrying challenge.
  • So I went in search of answers.
  • I tried to teach myself what I could. I read and researched, but was completely frustrated by the overwhelming, conflicting and at times misleading information out there.
  • But I was disheartened that I couldn’t find the answers I needed to help my son. I learned that even the most well-read, health conscious parent can feel lost when it comes to nutrition.
  • It was then I decided to go back to college and study nutrition and from that my business was born.
  • I now specialise in empowering women to transform their health and live healthier, happier lives.
  • Giving them the tools to create lifelong healthy habits, increase energy levels, reduce stress, improve sleep and feel confident again.
  • Helping to break punishing diet cycles and overwhelm, taking the stress out of mealtimes and helping their families thrive

Is it your own business or are you an employee of the company?

I am the owner


When was it founded or how long have you worked at ……?

Founded in June 2019


What services do you offer?

  • Personalised Nutrition Programmes
  • Family & Children’s Nutrition
  • Corporate Wellness Programmes
  • Workshops/Webinars

Describe your ideal client:

A busy professional mum who is constantly tired and lacking energy, overwhelmed, stressed out, not sleeping well, worrying about her children’s nutrition and not seeing her own self-care as a priority.


What are the main benefits of working with you/your business?

  • I help families take the stress out of meal- times and educate them about the essential elements of nutrition and wellness for health.
  • Using my nutritional expertise and behavioural change coaching skills as well as modalities in sleep training and stress resilience, I provide my clients with evidence-based advice to help them feel better, sleep better and live a happier, healthier life.
  • I work with companies to put health and well-being at the heart of their business.
  • My range of workplace wellness programs help companies increase productivity, staff moral, decrease absenteeism, improve energy levels and the overall mental health and wellbeing of the entire workforce.
  • All Programmes have been carefully designed to incorporate the most important elements of health – sleep, diet and lifestyle.


What are the aspects/approach that are unique to you / your business?

  • I have living experience of the areas that I work in.
  • Many years working in the corporate sector in highly pressurised business environments, I understand only too well the pressure of a busy corporate life and the impact it can have in overall health and wellness.
  • And now I 10 years of lived experience in the area of family nutrition.
  • It can be daunting to ask for help. I offer a safe, non-judgmental space for mothers lacking in energy, who feel overwhelmed and who are concerned about their children’s nutrition.
  • Small changes in diet and lifestyle can have a profound and positive effect on health. I teach people how to do this and how to create healthy habits that last.
  • Advice I give is informed, simple, gets results and perhaps most importantly comes from personal experience.

This is what I do and I am fortunate to have received many wonderful testimonials from those who have sought my help.

Video Interview with Clare Hegarty 14-06-20

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