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Powering ProductivityAccountability – The secret to turbocharging collaboration & cooperation.

Accountability – The secret to turbocharging collaboration & cooperation.

Accountability is a fundamental part of assuring a productive workplace. Whether we’re talking about long-term team building or a one-off project – it enables increased capability, commitment, innovation and satisfaction.

Let me use my own experience as an example:

Suzanne Murdock here –  coworking & remote working pioneer, curator of communities,  connector of expertise and cofounder of The Hub Newry, a network of 3 coworking spaces.

While developing #AskTheExpert, a Hub Coworking Outreach – I was drawn into a collaboration with Eve Earley, Empowering Change.

The result? We three have achieved a tangible representation of a far better professional version of ourselves showing up online.

Oh, we’re good at what we do – individually in our own businesses and in our own capacities. Arguably, at times great.

But that’s in specific areas such as curating coworking relationships and efficiencies, one to one in a coaching, connecting, or facilitating.

So how do we help each other to reach our full potentials?

What’s Next?

We needed a plan!

We started by accepting the…

7 Benefits of the accountability strategyAccountability

  1. You perform better under observation
  2. You get honest feedback from others
  3. It forces you to follow through on commitments
  4. It creates firm deadlines for important tasks
  5. It keeps you grounded in reality
  6. Learn from the success and failures of others
  7. It prevents little problems from turning into big ones


And then we acknowledged…..

The barriers and benefits of holding others accountable in the workplace.

Make no mistake – accountability is hard work and requires a tremendous amount of consistency and follow-through from both leadership and employees. The challenges and barriers are real and, for most, difficult to overcome. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the effort.

First and foremost we committed to understanding and embracing our differences – and developing language to communicate


Here are 10 easy ways to start to manage yourself today:

  1. Create a Personal Mission Statement
  2. Set Micro-Goals
  3. Use Lists Wisely
  4. Make Yourself Accountable
  5. Reward Yourself
  6. Do One Task at a Time
  7. Emphasize Your Strengths, Improve Your Weaknesses
  8. Value Your Time
  9. Seek Feedback
  10. Review Yourself

We have far less to fear if we connect hold each other accountable – and no matter the size of your business or the industry or the project – #Accountability #Collaboration, #Curation, #Cooperation and even #Coopetition is worth giving a go!

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