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Powering Productivity7 tips to being your unique, most energetic & productive self!

7 tips to being your unique, most energetic & productive self!

Are you curious about how to be your best, most energetic & productive self with the time & skills that you have available?

As a business owner or remote worker do you ever ask yourself “Why do I never have any time?” or “Why is my to do list always getting longer, I just feel so overwhelmed right now?” Life is all about making the smart choices that are right for you right now and then periodically checking in and revisiting along the way as situations, time schedules and priorities might change for you.

OK so let’s examine the important questions…..


What is the best workspace set up for me to work in?

Put yourself in the right working environment for you which could be, flexible workspaces, coworking, a hybrid model which might be working from home half the week and a flexible office for the other half. This allows you to find your most productive space depending on your mood, your project, your personality, your priorities but most of all it gives your choices, a network of experts and really meaningful connections to share with rather than going it alone.

Forever Flex: Making flexible working work beyond a crisis report by Flex Appeal and construction firm Sir Robert McAlpine, reported more than seven in 10 (72 per cent) employees want to continue working from home after the pandemic; a similar proportion (70 per cent) want to carry on working flexitime; and 64 per cent want to keep part-time hours. The shift in workplace choice and aspirations is truly amazing, but it does bring some challenges that we have to examine……

When it comes to the best practice & productivity elements of your day to be most effective you really have to be honest and realistic about:

  • What do I want to achieve and by when?

What goals do I need to reach in my business and what action steps do I need to take to get there, are they realistic timescales? Break these down into 6-month, 1 month, weekly, achievable steps and write them down, be accountable to someone.

  • How much time do I physically have available to allocate to these actions?

Be realistic about your daily / weekly schedule? When are those time slots that you can dedicate and focus and get stuff done?

  • Out of those time slots when are my most productive times of the day, when is my energy at its highest?

Block out & schedule time in your diary to get cracking with your main actions. ‘Eat that frog’ – doing the hardest task first thing and get it out of the way, you’ll be amazed how great you feel after that and it’ll lead to more productivity!

  • Least productive & low energy times schedule?

Schedule in a rest, catching up on emails & distractions. Nothing wrong with a snooze during the day! I actually find that during these times I can get admin bits done that don’t take too much focus.

  • Where are my strengths & my skills sets in my business and which of these functions do I like doing?

This is where your value is so use it and love it!

  • What am I not so good at or really don’t like do?

If you can, share the burden with experts, outsource. If you’re in a coworking community or network then very often there will be someone within the space that will be able to help or will know someone who can! If not, can you find your highest energy to complete it, maybe dedicate less time to it or ditch it altogether?


You’ll get there, just keep showing up and be easy on yourself, do one thing every day that moves you that bit near your goal. Remember that your skills and values are unique to you so value your time!

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