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Powering Productivity5 ways to be super successful working minimum hours each week – seriously, it’s true!

5 ways to be super successful working minimum hours each week – seriously, it’s true!

You know those super successful people who say they only working minimal hours each week, do you believe them?

Really, it’s true, it can be done but there are principles, supportive connections and relationships behind them. Remember their journey might not have been as easy as it seemed, they’ve probably worked very hard to get to this point…

Here are some of the ways to get to that point….

1. Find the right working environment that allows you to be your best, successful, most energetic & productive self.

There are so many options now, home working, office based, flex-spaces, coworking spaces or the hybrid model that fits with your time and workflows. There’s no one stop shop here, everyone is different and all of the these options bring various benefits. Would coworking or flex-spaces work for you & why?

2.  Surround yourself with people who really understand your goals, your visions and who are aligned with your values and can help reinforce that positive, ‘can-do’ mindset.

Many of us have connections but are they meaningful relationships or ‘one click friends’? For us to really feel valued and supported and to have champions and mentors that can hold you accountable you have to build up that trust, show the real you, be open and honest with what’s happening.

3. You need to identify your strengths and skills sets and then identify and build relationships with the experts in the fields where you are not so strong .

This is why I absolutely love being surrounded by other amazing business mentors in our flex spaces. There is always someone who can help or knows someone who and everyone has a ‘can do’ attitude, is open to new ideas and relationships.

4. Ask yourself honestly – “Who do I want to work with and who do I not?”

You will save so much time, energy, stress and money if you niche down who you want as your client base. So many of us have wasted so much time with clients that zap our time and then don’t pay up. Identify your dream clients and then market to them!

5. Master the steps and procedures to time management and productivity

Master your ‘to do’ list, refer to it every day & make sure they are achievable tasks that constantly move you towards your goal. Pat Slattery is a master at helping achieve this

Identify what time you actually have to complete actions

Where possible implement multiple revenue streams in your business

Automate your processes, marketing & onboarding Yasmin Vorajee of Tiny Time Big Results is a superstar at achieving this


These are just some of the fundamentals behind growing a successful business in minimum hours a week.

You’ll get there, just keep showing up and be easy on yourself, do one thing every day that moves you that bit near your goal. Remember that your skills and values are unique to you so value your time!

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If you’d like more tips on finding the right flexible workspace set up, the right connections and productivity then just click here and we’ll keep you up to date with our journals and podcasts.

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