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PodcastEp.10 What stories do you tell yourself about money, with Carmel Seery

Ep.10 What stories do you tell yourself about money, with Carmel Seery

Suzanne talks to Carmel Seery of, a management accountant. 
Carmel helps small business owners get control of their business, by helping them build simple processes so that they will always know their cashflow.  
They talk about 
– Establishing an accounting process 
– Money mindset – Pricing – Setting soulful goals – what stories do you tell yourself about money and how this can affect your bottom line revenue of your business
– Outsourcing financial work, when’s the right time and how to find a good accountant  
5:13 “Finance is like a partner in your business. All the answers are there.” 
13:07 “Pricing is really about where you see your business and your services in the market”  
This episode was presented by Suzanne Murdock of The Hub Newry It was produced by Emily Crosby Media

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