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NewsDiscover your secret superpowers as an introvert in the flexible workplace!

Discover your secret superpowers as an introvert in the flexible workplace!

As an introvert you can shine in business too! Be aware of your unique talents, discover how to thrive and be in the flow. 

I’ve been working in the flexible workplace industry for just over 10 years now and cofounded our network of flexible office workspaces back in 2012. Aside from this I’m also a certified coach & mentor and very focused on helping business owners, team leaders & remote workers find their optimum & most natural hybrid & flexible workplace solutions.

From experience I’ve found that quieter personalities and their talents can sometimes be overlooked especially when transitioning to a different workplace  causing overwhelm and burnout.

For me it comes down to individuality, agility and sustainability, finding your best environments, the right connections, long-term relationships with people that champion and support you. All of this aids sustaining your energy & giving your best.

“As an introvert I’ve worked in fast paced, pressurised working environments like corporate over the years but it just didn’t feel right for me.

Fast forward quite a few years and on reflection it’s only recently I’ve realised that now, as an introverted business owner I have to carefully consider the environments I work in to keep my batteries charged and energy constant. I crave that sense of calm but also need choice, belonging and a sense of purpose otherwise, I can easily hit burnout!” Suzanne Murdock

So how do you recognise the uniqueness of quieter personalities either within yourself or within your team?

What hidden talents and strengths might you be unaware of, which nuances might hold you back from your full potential? How do you ensure you’re in your best, supported workplace environment?

For example….

It can take grit to walk into that networking event, to carry out that presentation, to get on a stage, forced into group scenarios, to send that awkward email, to experience a conflict in the workplace especially when your colleague makes you feel inferior just because they have a louder voice.

What emotions do these scenarios stir up?

  • Anxiousness, fear, worry, inferiority, low self-esteem and self worth, overwhelm, embarrassment, volatility, others are making noise just to be heard, people are making judgements about you or labelling you. 

Likely physical symptoms manifesting, any of these sound familiar:

  • Distractions, hard to focus, self-critical, headaches, having to ‘wear a mask’, unauthentic, paralysis, language barriers, drained of energy, frustration, lack of engagement and connection, having to justify / validate yourself, defensive, withdrawn, lack of creativity, work life in-balance, physically ill.

So let’s highlight some of the unique & hidden strengths that introverts can bring and how they can be fostered at work. With nurture and support and in the right environments the magic can happen:

  • Genuine, creative & passionate people
  • Happy to work on your own, in small groups and 1:1’s – bringing a sense of innovation, building close relationships, diplomacy, trust, confidence.
  • Finding the power of your voice through more natural ways of speaking & connectivity – you have so much to share! Although public speaking might be a part of your job it doesn’t have to be so much of a struggle, there are ways to engage more naturally bringing out your personality and knowledge. Some people may find it easier on podcasts, through more group support on panel discussions, relaxed Q&A sessions rather than solo speaking, maybe sitting down rather than standing in front of an audience.
  • More self-awareness & knowledge of strengths & weaknesses – probably from having to battle through many challenges and self-doubt over the years.
  • Unique ways of learning, engaging & marketing
  • Beaver away in the background, rather cheer on other’s success from the side lines than highlight your own!
  • Build long term partnerships & alliances
  • Better sense of boundaries & knowing the right environments to give you energy, usually from a place of calm.
  • Amazing leaders – with self-awareness, ability to read the room through intuition, curiosity & diplomacy. Great listeners, seeing situations from various perspectives, leading diverse teams collectively across cultures and new ideas rather than having a hierarchical approach.
  • Coaching & mentoring othersconnecting in a 1:1 or small group, using their intuition, empathy, curiosity & listening skills to really hone in on the individual.

Over 80% of coworkers we’ve spoken to have said that they feel more of a sense of belonging and connectivity when they’re in a coworking or flexible workspace enabling a variety of working environments, communities and support.

Flexible workplace solutions for introverts?

In their right environments these personalities can be the most authentic, genuine, empathetic and intuitive in your team.

  • Flexibility & agility – know where your best workplace environments are for your priorities that week. Do you need to work from head office, home, a hybrid mix or could a coworking space closer to home with the options of a private office, breakout spaces, outdoor areas and meeting rooms give you that flexibility to shine?
  • Individuality – share your messaging in a way that works for you – again, remote & flexibility can be just as effective as long as the infrastructure and connectivity is consistent and you feel natural.
  • Sustainability:
    • What about the environment & people you surround yourself with? Find your tribe that will champion you, flexible office spaces offer these in abundance not just under one roof but they can connect you to networks from all over the world.
    • Recognise your safe place & defence mechanisms
    • See the extroverted bits as a challenge within your position, we all have challenges in our roles
    • Discover your best ways of recharging your batteries
    • Play to your strengths (have a go at this short survey to identify your strengths) and if you’re a business owner learn to delegate to experts

Catch the video here!

When you’re able to be the real you in your best environment then you can thrive and help others flourish too!

If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to learn more then I’m here to help.

👋 I am Suzanne
👩‍💻 I help forward thinking businesses discover their best flexible working environments, exploring uniqueness & requirements
🌳 Enabling energy, performance & sustainable growth

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