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NewsQuality Management in our flexible office workspaces, why is it so important?

Quality Management in our flexible office workspaces, why is it so important?

The key is in the word ‘flexible’….10 years on from where our story started we’ve come a long way!

We’ve evolved our flexible workspace offerings to include the latest automations, touchless access and security systems and we’ve also developed global partnering and networks as well as leading edge guidance and flexible workspace industry best practice.

All of this is fantastic but unless there is a solid system in place to ensure quality standards, planning, reviews & 360 degree feedback then things can start to fall through the cracks!

It’s an interesting industry in so far as not only should we be mindful of the quality processes and framework in terms of the physical buildings together with the day to day routine admin and compliance but above all, of our members, ensuring their wellbeing, and giving them leading edge, reliable and consistent working environments enabling them to give their optimum performance.

We’re delighted that we’ve just successfully completed our first year’s surveillance audit to renew our full Quality Management ISO 9001:2015 certification through NQA. In addition to this we’ve also recently completed our membership renewal of ‘The Flexible Workspace Association‘ – the professional trade body for the flexible workplace sector as well as renewing our membership with Green Tourism UK, promoting greener ways for businesses to operate.

Here are some of the key benefits for our flex members & business partners:

  • Increase in efficiency & productivity for members, time is a precious commodity
  • Less wastage and improved sustainability
  • A system that involves our member’s input through KPI’s and 360 degree feedback.
  • Transparency and continuous improvement to our membership offerings and service
  • Continuously updated database of FAQ’s and signposting for queries
  • Enables more seamless integrations and expansion of service offerings for members
  • Globally recognised standards and members are more confident of consistent service
  • With more and more corporates using flexible workspace providers it’s increasingly important to operate to a globally recognised standard to comply with their leading edge thinking, audits, security, branding, compliance, culture and regulations.

“Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to develop our quality management system and have it fully certified and really look forward to developing this further.” Suzanne Murdock, CoFounder of The Hub Newry


We are incredibly fortunate to have partnered with our coworking members The Tax Café NI to assist with our ISO certification, a long-term member of the Hub Newry. Director, Deborah Lynch in addition to being an experienced accountant is also a qualified project manager and certified ISO auditor.

🏆 Deborah is also CEO of My Mailbox Services and we congratulate her for who’s achieving a Business All-Star Accreditation from the All-Ireland Business Foundation!

Our business partners and coworkers, My Mailbox Services offer virtual office services covering a number of different services including a choice of:
✅registered office address
✅virtual mailbox
✅mail handling services

Alongside these services, the Newry based firm has recently secured the sole distributorship in Ireland for the Parcel Hive Intelligent Parcel Lockers and is working with this company to develop a brand new backend software management solution. This will enable the company to sell these products to the market in Ireland, UK and Europe for a wide range of end use cases.

The Business All-Star Accreditation is recognition of ‘My Mailbox Services’ conduct in the areas of trust, commitment, performance and customer centricity.
Deborah Lynch, MD of My Mailbox Services said “The whole team are absolutely delighted to have received our All Star Business Accreditation as it re-affirms our commitment to being the best at what we do.”


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