Maggies, Newry’s First Coworking Cafe!

by abby

The Hub Newry are delighted to announce our newest project, Maggie’s Coworking Café. This café brings a unique spin on the classic model, allowing you to avail of a versatile space which can be used for almost anything!

In addition to calling in for a tea/coffee if you find the space particularly appealing for conducting work you can purchase one of The Hub Newry’s unique membership passes, allowing you to set up office for the day. Furthermore, our separate space at the rear of the café can also be booked for casual meetings/events, providing a relaxed environment with all the formalities required for a meeting. Maggie’s can also provide a perfect space for events, which opens up a wide realm of possibilities…

Throughout our coworking cafe we have aimed to remain as local as possible, stocking a wide range of produce from both the North and the South of Ireland. Our coffee supply comes from 3fe alongside Cinema Coffee Project allowing us to pay homage both sides of the border. In addition we sourced our tea from the wonderful Wall&Keough with plenty of flavours to suit everyone!

Maggie’s will be open to satisfy your tastebuds from Monday through to Saturday of each week, with opening hours of 08:00 – 17:00 each day. Of course, we will be open also for ad-hoc events throughout the year, keep an eye on our social media outlets for more info!

Maggie’s will be opening on the evening of Friday 15th March, with plenty of tea/coffee/buns and of course craic. Be sure to save the date & pop in to The Hub Newry to be a part of Newry’s first coworking café, a massive mark in Newry’s coworking history.

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Telephone: +44 (028)30257686

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