Maggie’s Coworking Cafe Menu

by suzanne

Breakfast Menu

Maggie’s grill:

Sausage, Bacon, poached egg, beans, grilled cherry tomato with sourdough toast. £6.95

Veggie grill:

Rocket, avocado, mushrooms, grilled cherry tomato, veggie sausages and toast served with beans. £6.00


With peanut/almond butter and chia seeds/nuts or fruit and chia seeds £4.95

Bread board:

3 slices of sourdough toast with a selection of hummus or peanut/almond butter £4.00


A choice of bacon and poached eggs or fruit and cream £5.95


Fruit, ice-cream and nutella or bacon and maple syrup £6.00

Open chorizo sandwich:

Rocket, chorizo, avocado topped with a poached egg and feta cheese £5.95

Avocado smash:

Poached eggs, rocket, bacon, balsamic glaze topped with pumpkin seeds £6.00

Brunch bagel:

Cream cheese, rocket and bacon £4.95


Wheaten £3.95

Spicy chicken salad:

Served on a bed of rocket, quinoa, avocado and a side of hummus £7.00



Add extra items

Sausage: £1.50 Bacon: £1.50 Salmon: £2.00

Poached eggs: £1.50 Avocado: £1.50 Spinach: £1.00 Beans: £1.00

Wheaten: £2.00 Zac’s bakehouse sourdough: £2.00

Gluten free granary: £2.00 Gluten free bagel: £2.00

Halloumi: £2.00 Feta cheese: £2.00 Goats cheese: £2.00

Almond/Peanut butter: £2.00 Side salad: £1.50

Hot sauce: £0.50 Siracha: £0.50 Chilli sauce: £0.50


Sweet Treats

Caramel square: £2.00

German biscuit £2.00

Fifteen: £2.00

Chocolate muffin: £2.00

Raspberry and white chocolate muffin: £2.00

Salted caramel brownie: £2.50

Carrot cake: £3.50

Apple pie: £3.50

Shortbread: £2.00

Pastries: £2.00 Sausage roll: £2.00 Scone: £2.00

Fruit: £1.00

*Please ask at the till about our selection of gluten free and vegan options

*Food allergens and intolerances: please let us know at the till if you have any special dietary requirements and we will do our best to help


Coffee Menu

Americano: R: £2.20 L: £2.40

Espresso: £2.20

Flat white: £2.60

Latte: R: £2.40 L: £2.70

Cappuccino: R: £2.40 L: £2.70

Mocha: £2.90

Iced latte: £2.70

Iced Cappuccino: £2.70

* Add any syrups or alternative milk for 50p *


Tea menu

Irish Breakfast tea: £2.40

Life of Brian: £2.60

South of France: £2.60

Earl Grey: £2.60

Peppermint tea: £2.60

Green tea: £2.60


Maggie’s Coworking Café (part of The Hub Newry network)

6A Margaret Street, Newry, Co. Down, BT34 1DF
T: +44 (0)28 3025 7686 E: W:


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