Why networking is great for your business

by suzanne

nmnbgYesterday just proved how the concept “networking” does not have to frightening, it can be fun, just let yourself enjoy the experience. Tuesday morning was the open day for The Newry & Mourne Business Networking Group where business friends & colleagues from all different industry sectors met to share ideas / referrals and generally interact and explain what they or their organisation does on a day to day basis. It was amazing how many guests and friends came along and shared their experiences and exchanged contact details and referrals. This was a really informal gathering and it wasn’t difficult at all, just a quick 30 second intro to tell everyone what you’re up to and its amazing how that can set everyone’s minds going with ideas and contacts for your business. GREAT BREAKFAST TOO.
This business group is one of the most successful in the region yet it’s less than one year old and already there’s a growing waiting list to join as membership is limited to one profession in each sector, thats not to say we aren’t up for collaboration, we most definitely are! The success of this group is down to the consistent weekly attendance by its members and sheer dedication of members thinking of referrals on a daily basis when talking to clients and friends. If you’d like to hear more about the group or put in an application then contact us and we’ll put you in touch.