Surviving and Thriving the World of Regulations, Filings and “Red-Tape” (AskTheExpert series)

by suzanne

If the key to Juggling & Prioritising is to “Know Thyself”, then the key to cutting through red-tape, regulatory filings and tax returns is “Know Them”! (AskTheExpert series)

Microbusinesses and professional practices are run by entrepreneurs. Governments generally and regulatory agencies specifically, are run by bureaucrats with whom entrepreneurs have very little in common. Naturally.

Bureaucracies have four key characteristics:

  • a clear hierarchy
  • specialization
  • a division of labor
  • formal rules, or standard operating procedures

We’ve already established that entrepreneurs and solopreneurs especially –  have four distinctly different ones:

  • absence of hierarchy
  • administrative generalists – in support of a specialism
  • solopreneur or the lead on a small team that ‘does it all’
  • few SOPs (admittedly, they could help)

Now what?

All we can do is “accept the things we cannot change” – and adapt!

The creative, innovative and non-conformist spirit that serves many entrepreneurs is the same free spirit that headed off to kindergarten and for more than a decade was crushed by the relentless routine, grinding boredom and graded performances.

We overcame that – we can deal with this. Our networks can help!

Organise, Automate and Communicate

…while respecting your strengths and weaknesses.

Does a late notice from a vendor or the revenue department paralyse you?
Take a deep breath.

You’d be surprised what good may come of lifting the phone to them. Most
important in these current times – a record of having kept them apprised of
your circumstances will serve you well in the future.

  • Ask for help!The times are changing and even the bureaucracies are adapting. At this writing,
    new financial schemes and new business support initiatives are announced weekly.
    Professionals in your area and your peers are participating in advice and information sessions.

Reward yourself

Accepting the things we cannot change is great in theory – but we need an organising principle to keep us motivated.

Never more so than when we’re operating out of our area of expertise.

We’ll never master organising ourselves if it’s for the sake of the tax collector or licensing agencies.

Reframe the approach from ‘I have to’ to ‘I want to’.

We’re doing it to serve our own purpose.

“The purpose of putting these systems in place is…..”

In my case – “…to work less on tasks and more with clients” – so much more rewarding!

Lastly – maintain a sense of humour!

In discussing Alison Matthews’ recent 5-Day Get Organised Challenge – I congratulated her on holding my attention and helping me to get un-stuck. We went on to discuss why it’s so hard to convince people it’s worth the effort. “I guess admin just is very sexy”. And of course she’s right – but neither is getting up, taking a shower and brushing your teeth – but the day goes so much better when you do!





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