"Stop moaning about the banks that they won’t lend"

by suzanne

Recently listened to this video link & found it fascinating.
Nick Hewer from “The Apprentice” is currently supporting the Vistaprint’Build Your Small Business’ campaign.

He makes some valid & thought provoking points about the fact that there’s so much talent out there but people think there’s no way they can start a new business up because “the banks won’t lend to them”. RUBBISH
BE BRAVE. You can do it, all you need is MIND, PASSION & FOCUS. You don’t have to go to your bank, subject to the sort of business you’re looking to establish, just unclog your mind to the complexities of starting business”.
You can get 250 business cards printed for £9.99. Websites & Marketing can be done for very little. Work from home / use co-working spaces both with very low overhead costs, no leases & very friendly to start-up businesses because that’s the essence of what they’re about supporting. You can even use company registered mailbox’s / virtual offices for very little so that all your post is collected in one place & you avoid having business post & business calls at home. If you need to use meeting room hire away from home for client meetings / interviews etc then there should be a co-working space near you which you can hire by the hour & are nearly always, flexible with terms. Have a look at www.thehubnewry.com  for an idea of associated costs & the options available to you out there.
Here is a list of tips & points that you need to go through for a new business start-up.
The infrastructures are all in place & so is the support network for putting your ideas into practice. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE BRAVE.