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Build Your BusinessRunning the perfect meeting requires the right meeting rooms!

Running the perfect meeting requires the right meeting rooms!

Running the perfect meeting isn’t always that simple……you need the right meeting rooms space!

If you need to hold an important meeting but generally work from home, or you’re based in a small office not conveniently located, it’s a good idea to source and hire a professional meeting room space dedicated to business or communities.meeting room

The right meeting space can perfect a great pitch / presentation and a poor venue can tip it the other way like a poor venue or a patchy internet connection, don’t let this let you down. Don’t forget; your potential clients and/or business partners aren’t just considering the “content” of your argument/pitch but are also forming impressions about you consciously and sub-consciously. Is this someone I want to work with? Are they professional? These are just two questions that potential clients will be asking themselves as you are meeting with them. You want to make sure that you have all bases covered.

Why Use Professional Meeting Room Venues?

  • Project the right image, conducting meetings in a cramped area where other people around you are trying to conduct other business is not ideal. You need that professional look, likewise holding a meeting in your home is not always ideal.
  • Meeting rooms can be used for a variety of purposes: Product Launches; conferences / community groups / interviewing / meeting clients / private tutoring; seminars / workshops / breakout sessions / networking & loads moreNew #MeetingRoom 2015

Companies with few employees or limited face-to-face time with clients are unlikely to have an assigned meeting room and it makes no economic sense. It either takes up valuable room or forces you to have unnecessary space which adds to the costs of renting your premises. Hiring business centre training and meeting rooms can be far more cost effective; your company only pays for the room when it’s needed. It also gives you the flexibility of hiring bigger or smaller spaces depending on what you require for each meeting with the added benefits of catering / audio visual equipment etc.
You also need to consider the appropriateness of the space e.g if the room is used for meetings then the size needs to accommodate equipment / access as well as the correct number of people and obviously health & safety must also be considered.

It is important that any event is accessible to everyone, such as wheelchair access and that it meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA) in holding an event. The Hub Newry is fully DDA Compliant with a passenger lift and full access to meeting facilities and co-working / shared office space. It is important that the information you produce for your event is accessible to all. There is a legal requirement to do this under the Disability Discrimination Act.

Make sure that you know in advance if any of your attendees require additional facilities.

Make sure that the meeting venue has all the equipment needed e.g video conferencing / projectors / whiteboards/ laptops, wireless microphones, DVD players, televisions, and lecterns should be readily available as well as possible add-ons like catering / minute notes. If you find a professional venue then all of these facilities should be available and adapted to what your business needs.
Don’t forget that the right location is important, make sure it’s convenient for all attendees. Is accessible from public transport / easy access to airports – it can save significant time and travelling costs and make logistics a lot easier!

Meeting Room HireWhat To Look For When Hiring A Professional Meeting Room?

So you’re holding a meeting and have decided the best place for it is in a meeting room at a Coworking Space / Meeting Venue. So, what next?
Is it convenient / flexible on pricing and accommodating changing numbers of attendees?
Does it fit your company’s image / will it give the right impression?
What additional services are needed, Wi-Fi, catering, photocopying & use of the break-out areas, are these part of the package?
What are the costs involved, it may be more economical to book several meetings at once, or to hire out the space for an entire day rather than a few hours ?

Professional Rooms V Coffee Shops, mmmmmmm????

Professional rooms….

Must be paid for
Professional environment
Quiet private rooms
Your room/space is guaranteed
High quality internet connection
Additional equipment available
Staff on hand to help with any issues


Coffee shops….
Free… apart from the coffee
Unprofessional setting
Crowded, noisy and no privacy
No guarantee of somewhere to sit
Patchy unreliable Wi-Fi
No additional equipment available
No staff on hand to help you

Tips prior to the meeting…..

Consider all the topics / issues that need to be covered, delegate time slots and email an agenda (everybody’s time is precious) around as well as directions / logistics / what meeting room no. / when is it due to end / breakout times and ask attendees with they have additional / special requirements such as dietary / access etc
Always allow for breaks / encourage participation / involve everyone / keep to time
Before you finish up, decide on action points before the next meeting.

Tips for designing your presentation

Try using an alternative to PowerPoint such as Traditional Large Pad/Pen & / or Presentation Software – Prezi – they’re far more engaging and uplifting
What is the purpose of your presentation, know your audience, design it around them
Your presentation should fill 75% of your allotted time , of which should be 50% you speaking and 25% audience participation, people don’t thank you for over running!!!
Be brief, don’t speak too fast and DON’T over prepare
Above all engage with the audience and add character!!!

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