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Build Your BusinessBrand New ‘Ask The Expert’ Online Circle Launches!

Brand New ‘Ask The Expert’ Online Circle Launches!

“An educated consumer is our best customer….” That was one of the most successful retail tag lines of all times.

There are many coaches, accountants, marketers etc in our ever-expanding network – so how do you distinguish yourself?
We believe the answer to that is #Education and #Service – and so Suzanne Murdock and Eve Earley have launched the Ask the Expert Circle.

Tell us about your niche. What aspect of your work or practice excites you the most? Drill down into what you do and tell us why people refer you over others? Tell us what we don’t know about your field – so we’ll understand why we really do need to hire an expert – a #Go2Pro #AskTheExpert #FutureofWork.

Our purpose is to help you generate advocates for your business or professional practice.

Your expertise will be searchable – your biography, profile and presentation (in whatever format) will remain within the circle and allow people to discover and engage with you on an ongoing basis. You can use it as a place to introduce people to your work.

The purpose is three-fold.

  • Your potential clients/customers don’t know what they don’t know. Many need you – but don’t realise it until they hit a bottom of sorts. Specifically, the kind of crisis when you’re available to help – but would have preferred to have assisted them in avoiding the catastrophe!
  • Connecting with the kind of professionals who can partner with you. Ideally, for direct referrals or perhaps for an opportunity to share your knowledge with their clients and networking groups – a source of referrals down the road.

To firmly establish your brand identity and ours. We are in this together – let’s make Newry the go-to location for collaborative and cooperative partners on the border and across Northern Ireland!

We’d love you to join in Ask The Expert in the Bizmerang platform. In this Circle we can meet, message, share ideas, and go deeper with our peers on the topics we care about most. When you join, you’ll be able to contribute your own stories and experiences. It only takes a minute to sign up. Your personal invite to join the online Ask The Expert Circle:

#AskTheExpert #Go2Pro #FutureofWork

For more information buzz us on +44 (0)28 302 60122 or email:

MD & Co Founder

Hi, I'm Suzanne Murdock, The Hub's MD & CoCreator. Aside from being a flex & coworking space owner operator I'm also: ✅ A Certified Coach Mentor Offering Support With Hybrid & Flexible Office Workplace Solutions & Businesses & ✅ Executive, Leadership & SME Business Coach Mentor 💁🏼“I help SME business owners, property owners & flex operators with their hybrid & flexible workplace transformations." A particular focus on regional v city centric workplaces Discover your optimum, flexible working environments & those meaningful connections that bring agility, a sense of belonging & sustain your energy & performance." & 💁🏼"I help SME business owners & FlexSpace owners & operators reach their full potential through executive, leadership & general business coaching & mentoring." Together we can bring you Clarity, Define your Purpose, and set you on your Confident Journey of Endless Possibilities & Sustainable Energy! Who do I work with? ✅Forward thinking SME business owners, property owners & / or flex space operators ready to embrace change. Here's how we can work together: ✅Clarity hours ✅Strategy sessions ✅1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring Packages Together we can bring a transformational change to you and your business so please get in touch! BOOK A FREE, 15 MINUTES, NO OBLIGATIONS DISCOVERY CALL 😊 Don't go it alone you can reach me by 📧 on or hop over to my 🌐 Keep in touch here 😊:

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