Are you dressing right for your remote business to succeed?

What does what how you are dressing say about you, your business and are you dressing for remote business? We might not think about this very often, but with remote working/working from home becoming a prevalent feature of our lives as of late, it is very easy to slip into a fashion ‘faux pas’.

Without a central work place for business and being advised to stay in your home and work remotely, it is easy to stay in your PJ’s whilst you are running your business. This may seem great to begin with, but with this being the reality for the foreseeable future, it can lead to a gradual decline into a melancholy mental state…
Dawnn Karen, in her book “Dress Your Best Life” speaks of how you can Harness the power of your wardrobe to achieve your dreams”. With the current crazy circumstances this is more important than ever, as we need to keep ourselves positive in every way that we can. What we wear is a visual expression of our inner selves, it creates our mood for the day and how we interact with each and every person we meet.
  • When working remotely, we need to ensure we still have our routine to ensure structure for our mind, body & soul. Our mental health is our wealth and will be the guiding light through very tough times, so when we are based at home we cannot let the anxiety and stress in the world become the sole focus. It may seem silly to think that what you wear can impact your daily mood, but when you think about it, as said by Dawnn, “what you wear has a powerful effect on how you feel”.
  • You need to be in tune with how you feel, your daily tasks and of course, dress accordingly. If you feel like staying in your PJ’s/lounge wear, do it. If you want to dress as though you are at work, do it. If you want to wear occasion wear, do it. It is all about listening to our minds and creating our outfit for the day.
  • If you have an online work meeting from home (which will be a constant feature in the current climate) – what will you wear? will you apply makeup? will you style your hair? All of these questions will run through our mind, and consequently, set the tone for your meeting, how confident you feel & therefore how you are perceived.

This is a subject that could be spoken about at great length, but the one underlying point we want everyone to remember is: dress for how you feel.

Listen to your mind and let it guide you, some people may prefer to stay in lounge wear, whereas others prefer to change and get dressed for the day ahead spent at home.

Make sure what you’re wearing is a true reflection of the business you are running even though working remotely will more often than not require a slightly more casual feel.

What you wear affects your mood, so trust your gut & use your wardrobe to boost your mood.

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