Hub’s FAQ’s

Hub’s FAQ’s

Hub’s FAQ’s. Get your questions answered around our flexible office workspaces, coworking & your hybrid workplace solutions

Is The Hub Newry RIGHT for me?



As a workspace operator & education provider we’re here to provide you as a business owner, team leader or remote worker with your optimum flexible & hybrid workspace solution helping you connect & power your performance, productivity and ultimately your profits.

We’re a community of freelancers, micro-businesses, entrepreneurs, remote workers. We give you the elements you need to grow your business and have fun.

It’s the serendipity that makes the magic happen!

Benefits of coworking:


Chance to connect with others, share ideas, exchange contacts, work on joint projects, innovate.

Always something happening socially but there's never any pressure

Coworking can benefit the following types of people:

-Remote workers – living in one place but having to commute to work

-Home based workers – need some structure and a community network

-Expanding your team but don’t want the overheads of an office lease

-Downsizing your business but still want an office / community presence

-Travel a lot with work / on the road and need a central meeting space for clients / wifi

If you just want to focus on your own stuff that’s fine too. Coworking is not for everyone though, it can often get noisy and some people are easily distracted, especially if you’re working in an open-plan environment.

What sort of people / business fit in well?

We have a diverse mix of businesses and industry sectors which compliment each other and the mix of personality types well and include:

Media, construction, IT & software, design, copyrighting & publishing, accounting & finance.

From experience we have found that sales based businesses are better having a private office membership as the frequency and length of phone calls / conversations can often be distracting to other members.

Other industries including finance / accounting / sometimes media can benefit from private office membership as well due to the often sensitive nature of their work.

Are there member kitchens & can I bring food to eat?

Any storage for things & bikes?

Are there printers on all the sites?

We have great printers hooked up to Wifi on all of our sites that do A3 & A4 b&w, colour, scanning and copying. There is discounted printing pricing for members – see IT & Audiovisual section below for pricing.

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately not but we are considering a resident cat.

Is the space secure?

We have an intruder alarm, CCTV and a door entry system, so no need to take the Mac to the toilet.

What are the house rules?

The whole ethos of coworking means no rules and regulations to hold you back. We embrace openness, honesty, innovation and sharing. We don’t feel the need to regulate your life any further. There are however a few guidelines that we like to stick to for everyone’s sanity and these are posted on the members login portal.

What do I wear?

There’s no uniform but please no bermuda shorts or scantily dressed people (chance is unlikely in the Irish weather)!

Can I try the space out?

Yes, you can buy a day pass or start off on one of our basic coworking memberships

OK I’m ready, what’s next?

If you’re ready to go click here

How can we contact you?

Call us on +44 (0)28 302 60122 or email us:

Membership Plans:

What membership Plans do you offer?
Hub Daily
Hub 30
Hub Unlimited (full membership)
Hub Office (full membership)
(see our pricing page on the website for more information)

Are these the only membership plans available?

Of course not, we’ll design a membership especially for you.

Can I change my membership plan if circumstances change?

Yes, the Hub is all about flexibility.

What are you opening times?

For first-timers, daily users, non-members and hot-deskers?
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5.30pm
For full members
24/7 all year-round, no sleeping bags though please!

Is there a minimum period contract?

You can buy a day pass or buy a hotdesking, monthly membership, which rolls on a month-by-month basis with a month’s notice to stop.
For full membership there is a longer term contract.

What insurances do members need?

Residents need to take out their own contents insurance.

Can I have a package with just meeting space / combined workspace?

Nothing is ever a problem.

Is there a deposit required for membership?

No deposit but we do ask members to pay 1 month’s membership in advance of their starting date and billing is monthly, in advance thereafter.

Do I have to sit in the same space every day?

Hub Daily, Hub 30 & Hub50 – this is hot-desking membership with flexible seating.

Hub Unlimited & Hub Office (full membership) have dedicated offices & desks in 1st floor office space with access to all floors of the building

Do you have shower facilities for members?

Yes we do, they're brand spanking new!

Billing / Invoicing:

Can I view / pay my invoices online?

Yes, we have a coworking software  system that allows you to do this.

You can use the member’s login portal on a desktop and there is also an app version.

What payment methods do you offer?

-       Debit / Credit Card online via Stripe/ Phone or in person

-       Online banking

When is my invoice due?

For memberships your invoice will be due 1 month in advance of your start date and then monthly, in advance thereafter

Can I pay in a different currency?

Billing is generally done in sterling but we can in invoice in Euros (any corresponding banking / transaction charges will be forwarded on to the member)

Are there any other fees or hidden charges?

Extras are:

·      Printing

·      Server access for storage & backups

·      Landline connections (clients must arrange contract themselves & this is only available for full members), use of coffee machine in communal areas*

What overheads does my membership include:

The Hub pricing model / membership model allows you to save up to 40% compared to a traditional office lease model and will include the following:

-Business Rates

-Buildings Insurance



-Refuse collections

-Use of communal facilities

-Access to Hub Community Intranet

-Meeting room access (dependant on membership plan,  to be used within reason and to be booked in advance)

-Fibre broadband

Is VAT applied to my billing?

Margaret Street – membership + VAT

Abbey Yard Studios – membership + VAT

St Colman’s Park – membership + VAT

How much does printing cost?

Hub Members:

A4 Black Copy/Print @     £0.05
A3 Black Copy/Print @     £0.10
A4 Colour Copy/Print @   £0.25
A3 Colour Copy/Print @   £0.50

Walk ins / Visitors: 

A4 Black Copy/Print @     £0.15
A3 Black Copy/Print @     £0.25
A4 Colour Copy/Print @   £0.50
A3 Colour Copy/Print @   £1.00

Registered Office Address / Mailbox:

Virtual Office Facilities

Can I use the address for mailing?

Yes, full members can use the address for mailing and for everyone else we offer a separate registered office address / mailbox facility.

Can I set up an address facility for personal use?

No, this is only for business use.

Can you forward on post with the NI mailbox membership?

Yes, that’s a service the Hub provides, or we can store post, or email & scan it to you.

Can you forward on parcels?

No it is up to the client to arrange a courier service for this

What is the cost / fee of a registered office address facility?

-For address + mailbox for correspondence post only the cost is £25 per calendar month payable quarterly with an initial “one-off” £10 fee for setup and admin costs

-For address + mailbox to receive parcels / packages the cost is bespoke dependant on frequency, size and weight of parcels as well as  frequency of collection, payable quarterly with an initial “one-off” £10 fee for setup and admin costs

Is there a fee for mail forwarding?

Mail can be forwarded at Royal Mail costs + £2.00 admin fee per trip to post office for correspondence post.

Is there a deposit payable?


No deposit but we do ask clients to pay for 3 calendar months facility in advance of the start of the facility and billing is quarterly, in advance thereafter.

What information do I need to provide to set up a registered office address facility?

A Registered Address / Mailbox contract can be up and running within 24 hours provided we have ID (outlined above), the contract details and 3 month's payment in advance.

Please confirm the following information in order to complete the contract process and to invoice you. Payment can be made online by online banking or by card payment.
Contract details to be provided:
·Individual’s name:

·      Trading Name:

·      Business trading description:

·      Registered Company Address:

·      Registered Company Number:

·      Correspondence Address:

·      Commencement Date:

·      Contract period:

·      Do you need your mail forwarded?

·      Contact Mobile & Landline:

·      Contact Email Address:

We also require a couple of bits of ID


How fast is the Hub's WiFi?

We have a dedicated, leased line and here are our typical upload / download speeds:


There are smart tv's and projection screens in most of our meeting rooms on site


Can I bring my own printer?

We offer printing facilities at all of our sites for hotdesking and full members. We only allow full office members to bring their own printers.


Do you offer telephones?
No, however, VOIP phones work perfectly and if you need help setting that up, then we can assist.



Members Directory / Login

To access our Members Network / Your Account & Profile just click on the Members Login page or download our App.


Download by using following links for Apple IOS/ Android:

IOS link to Nexudus App

Android Link to Nexudus App

You can do all of the following via our members login / app:

  • Meeting Room Bookings
  • Invoices & Payments
  • My Profile
  • Community messages
  • Directory
  • Log a Support / Helpdesk / Suggestions Request

The Hub is now one of the leading coworking spaces in Northern Ireland offering desk hire, private office spaces, meeting room hire and virtual office facilities.

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