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Coworking LifeWould coworking work for you & why?

Would coworking work for you & why?

Coworking is defined as the sharing of a flexible workspace by (typically) self-employed, independent professionals who wish to work together in a communal, collaborative setting rather than the traditional employee-only office. More recently these spaces are being referred to as ‘flex spaces‘. Most coworking spaces now offer a variety of workspace options and membership plans to suit your business and your work habits including:

-Private office spaces

-Shared offices with a quieter atmosphere

-Desk rental in a shared space

-A mix of all of the above

Which types of businesses, sectors and people benefit from coworking?

It’s not just all about the workspace, structure and productivity that coworking and flex spaces can bring. The combined knowledge, expertise and support of a multitude of people and their professional know how all under one roof can offer a wealth of added value that otherwise might not be available to you.

Solopreneur / entrepreneur – someone who runs their business alone and is ultimately responsible for its success or failure. … Typically, entrepreneurs seek to grow their business to eventually sell it to a bigger brand or business, but a solopreneur wants to keep their business their own. Could be currently working from the house but needing more of a business community environment & network to develop your exiting business or start-up .

Blow-ins – a newcomer or recent arrival or returner to a location looking for a supportive network to get to know the area, contacts. Ultimately help to develop roots, identify clients and establish business.

Microbusinesses – A natural person (sole proprietors and partners in a partnerships) or a company (including a co-operative) may qualify as a micro business, generally with 8 or less employees and a turnover of less than £300k. Could be wanting to upscale or downsize an existing business.

Remote workers – could be living in nearby but employed in a city that they have to regularly commute to or just spending too much time on the road travelling from one client to the next, basing themselves in hotels and coffee shops to catch up on emails, drinking far too much caffeine. Want the flexibility of working from home/ coworking space. Benefit from less commuting, more productive time schedule and a flexible, supportive work- base closer to home for and the whole wellbeing element that comes with that.

You really want:

-Support to connect and grow your business

-Want to manage your entity without the headache of owning or renting premises

-Structure and increased productivity

-Less commuting

-A sense of community be it business or holistic

-The wellbeing that comes with coworking and to minimise stress and the angst that can come with self employment

But you are being held back by:

-Going it alone (isolation / confidence / procrastination)

-Not asking for help



-Inconsistency / volatility of cashflow and client base

-Not knowing enough about everything

-Not knowing who to delegate to or ask for advice from

The questions you are googling about achieving this goal are:

-Legislation / regulation changes?

-HR requirements?

-How do I manage HMRC / Companies House Requirements / Deadlines & what are they?

-What networking do I need to do?

-Do you pay yourself a salary?

-Where do I find my clients? Who are the right clients for me?

-All of these answers above could be sitting in the combined knowledge of a coworking community near you ready to be tapped into

The questions keeping you up at night about this goal are:

-How am I going to find time to do this?

-How am I going to delegate?

-Where do I look for…. / who do I ask?

-How much should I pay for….?

-Should I join…..?

-All of these answers above could be sitting in the combined knowledge of a coworking community near you ready to be tapped into

The biggest misconceptions you have about this pain point are:

-You’re unique

-There’s no help

-No-one’s ever been through this before

-This will never end

-Is there a point to this / why bother?

There is a coworking or flex space for you to give you the support and network you need to solve all of these pain points and to bring value creation, structure and knowledge to you and your business.

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