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Who is Coworking Really For?

Who is coworking for?  There’s a common misconception that coworking is just for freelancers and small businesses starting out therefore other workers may be dismissive of the concept.  And whilst it is a great place for these groups, there’s many others who benefit from being in a coworking environment.

Coworking spaces create community and stimulate creativity.  The enthusiasm of our coworkers is simply contagious. Therefore, if you’re feeling stuck in a rut in your business, a coworking space is a great place to  clear the cobwebs and renew your sense of purpose!

who is coworking for - all sorts of workers

So, who is coworking really for? Coworking hubs really are a lot more diverse than you think! These are just some of the types of people we encounter on a daily basis:

Remote Workers

Many large companies have workers located all around the world. For such a small place, Northern Ireland is home to a wealth of very intelligent and talented people. The Hub is perfect for remote workers who base themselves in Newry but work for companies located elsewhere in the world.  We’ve lots of private meeting room spaces, break-out areas and are close to all the amenities Newry city has to offer. This works well when colleagues fly over for a visit.  Our coworking space has hosted members and visitors from Australia, the US and many European countries to date.  We regularly have workers from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland too.

Professionals on the Road

Many emplWho is coworking for? Professionals on the roadoyees spend a lot of their time on the road – meeting potential new clients or existing customers. Some travel to client sites to provide maintenance and support services too.  Newry is the perfect pit-stop for workers who travel between Belfast and Dublin frequently because they need somewhere to stop to refuel their cars, fill their bellies and space to work on paperwork between meetings. And if you fancy some company instead, there’s plenty of that on offer as well – just head straight for the coffee dock!


People Who Need Temporary Accommodation

During busy times or periods of expansion a coworking space can be the perfect temporary solution.  What if your business is seasonal and you don’t require an office all year round?  Or if you aren’t quite sure if you’re ready to take the leap and commit to getting your own premises.  Maybe you’re downsizing but still want to have an office.  There’s many different scenarios that coworking spaces can be a solution for.

Freelancers / Solopreneurs

Who is coworking for? Freelancers or Solopreneurs


There’s a growing band of people who choose to be self-employed one-man or woman businesses.  It’s a lifestyle choice, and one which few of them make because they want to be on their own.  Everyone needs to be part of a community.  Coworking is great for these people as they can do what they want to do whilst still being part of a team of people – in a co-working hub, there’s always someone to share a morning cuppa with or ‘chew the cud’ with over a sandwich at lunchtime.



It’s true that coworking spaces are good for start-ups. Perhaps, teams of two or three people who need space to work together to get their new venture off the ground.  Coworking spaces like ours are ideal as they offer affordable office space in a city centre location. The environment allows entrepreneurial people to mix with other like-minded people from all types of businesses. Sometimes inspiration will come from the person you least expect it to!

Convinced yet?

The reality is that coworking spaces can work for many types of individuals or organisations.  If you want to be in the thick of it and close to other people, you can avail of our hot-desks, break-out areas and coffee dock. If you want to be close to others but need somewhere quieter to focus and get things done, you can rent one of our private offices.

Whilst some coworking spaces focus on particular types of individuals or businesses, we prefer to be more inclusive.  We’re big believers in serendipity – creating those little moments that are experienced when you find yourself in an environment with people from different backgrounds and cultures, all with their own passions and areas of expertise.  The lunchtime conversations can take you anywhere!  Give it a try for yourself.  We know you’ll feel inspired at The Hub Newry!

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