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Coworking LifeSo what’s the latest best practice in the flex & hybrid office environment?

So what’s the latest best practice in the flex & hybrid office environment?

‘Real life flex’ – Can you reimagine to what extent flexibility and choice could impact your life? What about working in a culture that truly aligns with your values, surrounded by people that get you and who want to hear your ideas?

I’ve been working in the flex workspace industry for over 10 years. Listen in & find out more in a recent podcast interview when Ilona Brannen interviewed me on her ‘Still Loading podcast’ about best practice in the new world of the flexible, hybrid office environment.

We cover:
🧩 how to bring your team together in remote and hybrid spaces
📈 what are the trends & predictions in Co-working and flexible working spaces
👩‍💻what tips do leaders need to know to be able to manage their hybrid teams
Ilona’s an expert in leadership, training & culture in the workplace and is particularly interested in the balance between face to face & digital age interaction. She’s also a real dab hand at storytelling & image branding 😉
I think we could have talked for hours because so much just keeps evolving around these topics! Some of the key messages really came down to who we are as people, our core values, having choices, are we aligned with the way that we work and does this allow us the flexibility in our lives to achieve balance and productivity?
“I think that if we put ourselves in the right flexible environments for us as individuals and surround ourselves with the right positive people then good things can happen.” Suzanne

🎙️Listen to the interview here🎙️

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Expert in Coworking, FlexSpaces & Remote Working | Help you identify the most productive working environment for you & your team | Propagator of meaningful connections | Podcaster Did you know: 📌40% of people feel the greatest benefit of remote work is the flexible schedule 📌16% of companies exclusively hire remote workers Engaging with small businesses and the faces behind them and making meaningful, human connections brings a big smile to my face as does anything horticulture & heritage! I love to help business owners & individuals grow and succeed in a life that truly reflects the real them and uses their core values and characteristics. Over the last 20 or so years I’ve centred around relationship management within the property and finance sectors in London and more recently my story has brought me into developing a network of coworking and flex spaces in Northern Ireland. For the last 12 years I’ve been self-employed and during this time founded The Hub Newry coworking spaces. As co-founder of a multi award-winning network of flex spaces with global connections and partnerships I help educate & research around the future of work & evolving workplace best practice. In short, I want to put a smile on the face behind your business & help you find your best flexible working environment to be your most productive, resilient & successful self. Who do I work with? ✨Entrepreneurs / Coaches & Professionals 💻SME's 😎Coworking operators

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