Coworking Member Spotlight – Darren Mag Aoidh Irish Language Translation Services

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Coworker’s Name: Darren Mag Aoidh

Company Name: TurnText∞Tiontéacs Translation

Job Title: Irish Language Translation and Advice Services


Coworking Member Spotlight

What is your expertise?

  • English to Irish translation in diverse fields including HR & Marketing, Technical Translation, Public Sector and Drama/Scripts.
  • Proofreading and Editing Services (Irish and/or English)
  • Preparation of Irish texts for publication in print or online – however short or long!


1. Is it your own business or are you an employee of the company?

This is my own business, and I work closely with a range of Irish translation agencies and bodies in Ireland and in the EU.

    2. When was it founded?

September 2018.


3. What services do you offer?

    • Translation services English-Irish.
    • Proofreading services – any Irish (or English) text can apply, be it for publication in print or online, educational resources or advertisements.
    • Irish language tuition is available to adults of all standards tailored to your needs (online using Zoom or Skype) – including one-off lessons and/or advice for university students of Irish.


4. Describe your ideal client/customer:

I have worked with clients and customers with a huge range of business needs, including large-scale document translation (60k words), teachers requiring proofreading assistance, and individuals with Irish language consultation needs. I’m more than happy to work with all of these!

5. What are the main benefits of working with you/your business?

  • Quick responses
  • High standards
  • Care for quality
  • Care for language


6. What are the aspects/approach that are unique to you / your business?

  • Knowledge of An Caighdeán Oifigiúil and the major dialects of Irish [particularly Ulster] to suit your needs.
  • Quick to identify solutions to meet you needs.
  • A flexible approach, and a willingness to engage to ensure the best outcome.

7. Why would someone recommend you or your services?

High standards at all times.


8. What else would you like us to know about you or your business?

  • I use the latest professional translation software (personal licences) to ensure the highest standards and efficient working practices in Translation.
  • If you have any question in relation to the Irish language, no matter how small – do not hesitate to get in touch!




Coworking focus

  1. What is coworking to you?

The chance to share ideas and grow from face-to-face interaction with other translators/language professionals as well as other creatives in general.


2. What types of people and/or businesses do you think benefit most from coworking spaces like The Hub Newry?

  • Creatives
  • Competent individuals starting out who are receptive to learning from others
  • People working in industry who benefit from interaction with people working in creative enterprise (and vice versa)


  1. What type of work do you do?

Irish language translation and language advice services. I also teach adults music on a freelance basis.

  1. What services do you avail of at The Hub Newry’s coworking spaces?

  • Rent office space
  • Virtual office facilities (registered office address, mail collection/forwarding)
  • Coffee shop/refreshments facilities
  • Community
  • Other – out of hours access


  1. What other aspects of a coworking environment do you enjoy?

  • Networking opportunities for lead generation / finding partners for projects etc.
  • Opportunities to attend business events at The Hub
  • Opportunities to participate in community initiatives organised by The Hub


6. What are the main benefits of coworking for you/your business?


  • Improves motivation
  • Good for mental health and to remain social while having a protected space to work and concentrate


7. What new services or features would you like to see developed at The Hub Newry?

Maybe an optional weekly coffee and chat where everyone can meet anyone new – nothing too full-on or anything, simply coffee/tea in one of the communal areas.


8. Would you recommend The Hub Newry coworking spaces to other professionals and why / why not?

Yes – I already have mentioned it to some former colleagues in the charity sector who either work from home or who rent office space but feel isolated.

“I am really pleased to have taken the plunge to work from the Hub, Margaret Street, Newry. It has really helped me focus on streamlining my business and set priorities for the kind of work I am willing to do. It is easy for translators and those who do similar remote work to live in a kind of contented but distant bubble – it has been really positive to meet professionals in the language, technology and other spheres so far in my time at the Hub.”



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