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Coworking LifeMeet Abbie Kennedy – Our Office & Communications Manager
Abbie Kennedy Office and Communications Manager at The Hub Newry

Meet Abbie Kennedy – Our Office & Communications Manager

We’ve taken some time out for a Q&A session with the newest member of The Hub Newry’s team – Abbie Kennedy.  In the following interview, you’ll find out what Abbie does on a day to day basis, where she’s worked in the past, her ambitions for the future and what she thinks of coworking!  Meet Abbie.

Abbie Kennedy Office and Communications Manager at The Hub Newry

Name:                        Abbie Kennedy

Company Name:     The Hub Newry

Job Title:                   Office & Communications Manager

1. How long have you worked at The Hub Newry?

I joined The Hub Newry in September (2018) as the Office & Communications Manager.  This is a new role for The Hub and a new experience for me.  It’s my first full-time graduate job as I just graduated from Queens University Belfast in July with a First Class Honours degree in Business Economics.

2. What work experience did you have before joining The Hub Newry?

I worked in retail for a number of years in local stores including Dunnes, Mexx and Monsoon whilst studying.  I also spent a year as an HR Executive in First Derivatives here in Newry during my undergraduate placement year.  This gave me a great opportunity to develop my skills in managing people and operations, and really gave me a taste for working within the local business community.

Abbie Kennedy QUB Business Economics Graduate

3. What does The Hub Newry do and who does it serve?

The Hub provides office space for small businesses and hot desking space for freelancers and remote workers.  We also hire out meeting rooms and space for events and have virtual office facilities.  Our customers are so diverse – freelancers, start-ups, remote workers, workers who come to Newry on business from around the world, construction companies, professional services companies like web designers, translators and so many others.

4. What does your role involve?

My role as office and communications manager has a wide range of key duties. Firstly, I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business: ensuring all of our members are satisfied and dealing with any queries. Secondly, supporting delivery of our marketing and social media initiatives.  I constantly aim to educate our viewers and positively reinforce the image of The Hub and its core messages on all social media platforms. Thirdly, events management also forms a big part of my role.  Working closely with Suzanne, we ensure that any upcoming events are planned to perfection, with great attention to detail. Although I’ve grouped my duties into 3 broad categories – on a daily basis I also conduct additional administrative and general office tasks.  I aim to complete everything I do to the highest possible standard.

5. What do you enjoy most about your job?

In a short space of time I’ve learned a lot about the coworking business model. In this particular environment, the constant change and evolution means I’m continually developing with the business.  I’m constantly presented with on the job training opportunities which really appeals to me.  I’m really enjoying managing this new site in Margaret Street and hope to see lots more new people and businesses join us!

6. What attracted you to work in a coworking space?

Being fresh out of university, I had an open mind with regards to employment.  After seeing this vacancy advertised I immediately began to research coworking. It was a brand new concept to me and this role sounded like a great learning experience.  I discovered that coworking is popular and growing so it seemed like a good time to join a coworking team. Throughout the recruitment process I was able to learn what would be required of me and additionally what I should expect from the job which sparked my interest even further.  Suzanne told me she’d like me to join the team and here I am.  I have a blank canvas which I’m now able to start painting full of bright ideas!

7. Would you recommend The Hub Newry to other individuals and businesses?

From my experience of coworking so far, I would highly recommend The Hub as a place to base your business. If you’re looking for an exciting, contemporary and changing environment, joining our coworking community is definitely the right move for you. I’m excited to see what the future holds for myself and The Hub’s members.

8. What personal goals or activities are on your bucket list?

My greatest ambition in life is to travel. I have already been to both ends of the world in terms of the USA and Australia but now, I want to travel to all the countries in between! Ambitious, I know, but I’m hoping to tick off as many countries as I can during my time here.

Abbie at The Colosseum Rome Abbie Sightseeing in Ro

9. What life philosophies do you live by?

I strongly believe that ‘everything happens for a reason’. It may seem quite silly or self-explanatory but I’ve found that without the occurrence of a lot of situations in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  By adopting this view throughout my life, I hope to be able to deal with everything as it comes: good or bad.

10. Who is your favourite celebrity and why?

I have a few favourite celebrities however, my all-time favourite would have to be model Ashley Graham.  I adore her style, it influences my own personal fashion choices.  Additionally, I can relate a lot to her personality, morals and would see her a role model.

11. What is your favourite genre of TV entertainment?

My ultimate favourite genre would have to be thriller/horror. I really enjoy the sense of suspense and the feeling of the unknown that this genre creates (and the fact that I can turn the TV off and snap out of it at any stage, recognising that it’s a false sense of reality!).

12. What is your favourite food? 

Abbies Favourite Food is Pizza

I absolutely adore pizza, it is one thing that I could’t live without (excuse the dramatics). No matter what, a pizza is always sure to put a smile on my face. Oh, and I can’t forget garlic mayo. Who doesn’t love garlic mayo?

13. What makes you unique and stand out from the crowd?

It’s perhaps too early in my career to say but I’m open-minded and really motivated to succeed!  I work hard and constantly try to challenge myself so I can build new skills and talents along the way.  Personally, I constantly put others before myself.  I have carried this quality from I was extremely young, so much so that it has just become a part of my character. I have also found that this trait is not necessarily very common and therefore this could possibly make me in a sense, unique.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Abbie Kennedy and what makes her tick.  We’re delighted to have her as part of the team and are starting to wonder how we ever coped without her.  We’re looking forward to Abbie playing a greater role in the life of The Hub and the wider community in the greater Newry area!

Contact Abbie to discuss your coworking support needs, marketing or event requirements or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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