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Coworking LifeHub Coworking – ‘The centre part of a wheel, fan, or propeller’

Hub Coworking – ‘The centre part of a wheel, fan, or propeller’

coworking hub



  1. The centre part of a wheel, fan, or propeller.

  2. A centre of activity or interest; a focal point: Hollywood is the hub of the US movie industry.

The Hub Newry may not be anything to do with the US movie industry, but it certainly does have a star studded line up ready to provide for every need you may have, whether that be fresh, locally sourced food or a quiet place to learn whilst working remotely – or both.

The Hub centres around coworking, a sort of eclectic amalgamation of varieties of people all united by business and thrown into a space where they can – and do – bounce ideas off one another but with one critical difference, job satisfaction – or general wellness.

The 9-5 is a slog, the office is a stressful place and as more people and businesses move towards working off site, individuals and corporations are seeking out a more relaxed environment that gets the job done.

That’s where coworking comes in, and that’s where The Hub and it’s beautiful café lick the wounds left by the sometimes brutal business world.

It’s ready-made for all things business but feels like a green oasis. The newest Newry location in Margaret Street, lined with greenery and the adjoined onsite coworking café brings the aforementioned fresh ingredients and finest coffee whilst you set out your grand designs for your latest venture.

Coworking started in San Francisco in the 1990’s and stepping in off Margaret Street and peering into the onsite café and the offices above, you feel like you could be there now.

The office has a welcoming hum and a local, community feel. The hub was founded in 2012 which has taken Newry by storm. With 3 Newry based locations the Murdock family then went on to open up its Coworking café.

US and Berlin-based start-ups pioneered the move towards a more relaxed work environment that is scientifically proven to improve work performance, and now Newry has newest site – it’s best yet, all thanks to The Hub.

It even has a cinema upstairs. That straddles airy and bright offices and a green, leafy roof space that lets you breathe while you work, biophilia. Long gone are the days of peering wondrously out the window as you work.

Supporting small businesses has helped to make The Hub Newry unique, putting a great twist on coworking.

So when you think of coworking what comes to mind?

Making friends from different businesses? Working around the world? Working for a business outside off Ireland within your hometown?

Lots comes to mind, lots of benefits to coworking and the Hub Newry are more than happy to bring a healthy environment to Ireland.

Coworking diminishes the scary office vibe and gives strong sense of community and relief, especially for new start-up businesses trying to find their feet.

with our onsite café we put a twist on it, we have created a hub daily pass or a half hub daily pass which means if you want a relaxed office vibe or hot-desk for the day we’ve got just what you are looking for.

The Greenhouse is the most unique part of the café with green plants everywhere, privacy and just seconds away from the coffee machine. The coworking cafe has everything that you could possibly need for your business meeting.

This space was created to take away the stigma of a scary, boring business meeting bringing a chilled- out vibe in our big open space. What is even better than this is that it is sound-proof and has a big table which is perfect for a large business meeting.

We also like the thought of doing different pop up events for the likes of chats about mental health, sexual health and financial advice where people can come and go as they please in a bright chilled out area without having to feel afraid of being seen in a advice centre they can just come here, grab a coffee and have a chat.

With Suzanne’s eye for design and the team’s combined ideas we have brought something different to Newry and we are overly excited to bring our  coworking café further with our fresh menu, amazing tea and coffee and fresh homemade pastries, buns and cakes.

We have certainly put a twist on coworking and we are excited for more people to find out what coworking is.

Credit to Leigh Kimmins for the writing!






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