Curating a career in coworking!

We asked our amazing ‘Coworking Curator’ Abbie Kennedy how she reflects on having been a member of our Hub team for over a year now in the capacity as Hub Community Manager. Her reflections were positive!

How has your role evolved since you first started @ The Hub?

Since first starting @ The Hub my position has changed in directions I never thought I would experience. I was introduced to launching Newry’s first coworking café, Maggie’s. This was such an exciting experience as it opened my experience up to events management alongside marketing a brand new, start-up café from scratch. Maggie’s has opened up The Hub to a range of brand new areas, events & businesses and I am excited to see what 2020 brings for both Maggie’s & The Hub.

Have you enjoyed the change in your position?

Definitely, I believe it is crucial for everyone to challenge themselves and continuously learn new skills. This natural change/progression in my management role has done just that, and with this change comes improvement and generation of new skills which you never knew you had.


How have your skills developed since working at the hub?

From starting my position my existing skills have been constantly improving: communication, planning, time management, organisation to name but a few. However I have also picked up new skills along the way, which are now totally invaluable to me. Leadership being key, embarking on a management position with no prior experience I was able to absorb and learn. This allowed me to develop the skills necessary to not only manage but lead in an inspiring and positive way. Simultaneously, the development of skills such as: managing ambiguity, resilience & motivation have allowed my confidence to shine and help me along the every-changing management path.


What goals have you set yourself this new year?

My main priority this year is to set time aside to relax. It’s the one thing that I always forget to do, yet it is key to a healthy outlook on life. Starting out in 2020, clearing time and focusing on ourselves I believe is the key to everything. Small steps to a better life.

And of course, travel – even more than I did in 2019!

What is your favourite part of working as Hub manager?

Responsibility, being confident in knowing that you are responsible for the running of the business is a very empowering feeling. Starting out it was rather overwhelming, but I quickly learned the ropes and now I deeply enjoy being in a leadership position.

Flexibility, being able to take my beloved dog to work is also a major plus. Kizzy loves The Hub and is a brilliant companion throughout my work day.

What is your life motto?

“Everything happens for a reason, what’s meant for you won’t pass you.”

Come and visit our newest coworking space in Margaret St, Newry, pop into Maggie’s for a cuppa!

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