Coworking: the journey not the destination.

by suzanne

This time of year, some of us are at a crossroads with our business or perhaps feel it’s time to reassess what YOU want to do and what you have to offer. Well, that’s fantastic, how exciting!

We don’t listen enough to what we’re telling ourselves and to what others are telling us about how truly unique and talented we are, are you still passionate about what you do and the business you’re managing?

You probably still enjoy what you’re doing but may not be the same person as you were when you started on your journey. You’ll have grown along the way, met lots of people, learnt a whole lot more and learnt a lot more about yourself and so think of all the potential you have now.

“I’m King of the lough”!

Perhaps you’ve had a few knock backs and a few successes along the way and will have learnt a lot from those junctions too! You’ve evolved, grown and will have ‘more strings to your bow’ so now its time to match them up with that potential of yours!
Listening to a great #webinar on Womens inspire network – #WIN​ with Samantha Kelly​ and Finola Howard​ this week it opened my eyes to how we can use all of our stories, journeys, experiences (we learn from positive & negative experiences) to strengthen us and what we offer to others.
“Those who can’t change their minds can’t change anything.” George Bernard Shaw
Change your mind or couple your journey’s learnings together with what we’re already doing and wow, you have a powerful, unique offering! Don’t be afraid to share knowledge, no-one will ever do things the same way as you, you’ll always do something different or in a different way.

Who are you now? “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill