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Coworking LifeCoworking & flex spaces – what highlights do you need to know?

Coworking & flex spaces – what highlights do you need to know?

Coworking has been growing steadily over the last decade because many people now recognise the benefits to working in this type of environment and in recent times its frequently been referred to as ‘flex space’.

Demand for coworking, flexible office space and desk hire has increased massively in last last few years and the whole concept has evolved and been embraced. Since opening in 2012 we have opened two more coworking sites in Newry following on from our original coworking space in St Colmans Park to include our locations in Abbey Yard Studios and Margaret Street. Other operators have followed suit as well and Newry is now brilliantly set up for remote working.

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Here’s our our top ten benefits for you and your business:

1.Combat loneliness and connect with others

If you’re a home worker, remote worker or someone who travels a lot it can get lonely at times.  Coworking enables individuals and teams to connect with other professionals, share ideas, exchange contacts, explore opportunities to work on projects together and so much more besides.

It’s often not just the members in your home space that you can connect with – often flex space operators will partner up with other operators across their region, country and further afield so you can benefit too and if you ask you might also be able to avail of a desks in those spaces if you’re in the area!

2.Benefit from strong infrastructure & facilities

Many flex spaces now offer high spec facilities that are key to reliability and getting a good day’s work done including:

  • dedicated, leased line broadband
  • conferencing facilities
  • ergonomic office set-ups
  • high spec office lighting
  • solid & reliable power supplies
  • showers – great if you’re a remote worker and having to get up early
  • outdoor space & daylight so important to your energy and creativity levels

3.Add Structure to Your Way of Working

Coworking isn’t about chatting to your coworkers all day. It’s about adding structure to your day – you get up in the morning, go to work and you work! It’s just like in any other workplace!  For those who are new to self-employment, being your own boss can seem like a dream come true until you find yourself working at home and being distracted by your kids, the dog or even the washing and ironing! Suddenly deadlines are looming and the pressure is on. Placing yourself in a work environment where there are set times of day for work and socialising can give you just the right amount of structure you need to be productive.

4.Expand Without the Costs of Expansion

In a coworking space like ours you can expand or downsize your team without the overheads of an office lease.  Coworking environments typically have private office spaces, hot desks or single desks as well as areas where teams can be together.  We have a number of offices to suit different sizes of teams, so often you can add another desk in without any extra expense.  Coworking is great for start-ups and it’s so encouraging to see a two person team take an office space and within a short-time double in size. Creating space for businesses to grow is something we’re passionate about.

5.Downsize Without Ending Up Feeling Alone

For some businesses, staff may have to be relocated elsewhere or it simply gets to a stage where the owner decides that downsizing or cutting costs is the right thing to do.  But often, moving from an office environment to a home office scenario doesn’t feel quite right.  People miss the familiar buzz of the office so we can offer a middle ground.

6.Have A Place to Call Home When You Park Up

Some people like sales reps travel a lot with their jobs, spending most of their days on the road.  But every week, they need somewhere to get their head down for a few hours to catch up on emails, follow-up on proposals and meetings and get through the general admin – unfortunately it never goes away! When they come to The Hub they can pick up where they left off by accessing any documents they’d stored in their secure locker and picking up their own favourite mug to make a cup of tea.

7.Take Advantage of Cost Effective Meeting Rooms & Facilities

Coworkers can log-in to the members area and book meeting room space when they need it.  This is useful when you need to meet with other colleagues based elsewhere and when they can come to you, it saved you the hassle of driving, paying for parking or losing out on valuable working time.  Members also get discounted rates on meeting room hire, printing and internet usage so it’s much more cost-effective than having to find an alternative meeting venue elsewhere in the city.  You can also nip outside to the garden areas to feel the wind in your hair and sometimes the sun on your back, when Northern Ireland weather allows it.

8.Avail of Opportunities to Get Involved in Partnership Projects

Coworking is not just about working, it’s about building community and supporting our local community – not just in a business context. Members can get involved in environmental initiatives like street cleaning and river clean-up days, charity coffee mornings, and other community events.  This is a great way to get to know other coworkers outside of the work setting, and to meet other interesting and influential people in the local community that you may not otherwise have had the chance to meet.

9.Enjoy The Flexibility To Try it Out For a While

If you’re thinking of renting your first office, it’s a big step.  Coworking office spaces are an ideal way to test out whether it’s right for you or your business without high set-up costs or long-term lease commitments.  Coworkers can buy a day pass or a monthly rolling membership.
Try it out and if it doesn’t work out, you can walk away without the worry of having to pay a lease for a full year.  Note that, for full membership there is a longer term contract. Check out our pricing for more information.

10.Have a Virtual Office and Still Work From Home

Those who really do love the comfort of their own home can still work from home without having to worry about putting their personal address on their website, Google listing or company correspondence.  You can simply avail of our virtual office package which includes a registered office address and mailbox/delivery facilities.  Coworking spaces really do have something for everyone!

There’s a lot to like about coworking spaces, particularly ours! They’re vibrant and we’re not just talking about the décor.  They inspire you and help you to focus on your goals.  They offer you company when you want it and structure when you need it.  They give you all the benefits of having your own office but at a fraction of the cost.  If you’d like to try coworking, even if it’s only for a day get in touch and we’ll let you ‘try before you buy’ as they say.

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