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Coworking LifeCoworking is innovation, business can no longer stand still.

Coworking is innovation, business can no longer stand still.

Coworking and hospitality are not an obvious marriage but there are many overlaps evolving more and more organically but also as a means to survival. 

Business can no longer stand still!

Tourism, events management and restaurant/bar trades immediately spring to mind when thinking of hospitality so  a service based sector full of various communities and relationships .

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity with the members usually from independent businesses e.g. micro-businesses and freelancers. But the whole ethos behind coworking is shared values and the incorporation of support, community and the happiness and wellbeing of it’s members so hospitality is a very important factor.

Although the role that hospitality organisations play in ensuring that their customers are happy and willing to return is vital in maintaining both profits, customer retention and reputation so is the same in a coworking space although not necessarily given such a monetary importance. Many of our  coworking members  have been with us long term, due to the affordability of pricing plans available, and the “craic” on a daily basis! Ensuring productivity levels are high, whilst maintaining the relaxed fun environment is something  we take great pride in at the Hub.

When we look at what new and expanding coworking spaces are offering there are two separate areas to think about:

Facilities – a shared space and community is longer enough, these models are now entering a new growth phase, it’s not just about the working day but more about incorporating work/ life together so coffee bars, entertainment areas, gardens, members’ clubs, co-living, exhibitions is all becoming more common within these spaces.

So coworking and hospitality is no longer mutually exclusive and both are working hand in hand with many hotels offering coworking areas and coworking spaces offering hospitality and co-living.

Community aspects  a shared way of living in effect, the old co-op model, community groups, natural networks within and outside of work and sharing ideas, values and skills. Fundraising and community projects are a major part of our coworking ethos and we encourage our members to take part in all our activities. Taking the time out of our daily routine to share ideas, forge new working relationships and just having a good old chinwag incorporate the hospitality aspect within our shared collaborative office space. It is also a key part of our Mental Wellbeing Pledge.

So certainly in terms of the hospitality and coworking industries diversification, adaptation and evolution are both organic and a necessity to survive, thrive and grow as a  business

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