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Coworking LifeCo-working’s finally getting a mention in Ireland…..

Co-working’s finally getting a mention in Ireland…..

Co-Working in Ireland is getting popular!

It’s taken a while but word is getting out about how it quite simply “just makes sense”! If you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, and don’t need your own premises, why would you bother with all the overheads & loneliness that it comes with? A co-working community allows you the flexibility of using a workspace / meeting rooms for clients / printing facilities when it suits you & to tap into the business community but without the burden of huge bills / maintenance & solitary confinement.

“Co-Working initiatives”

Have a read of this blog article below,posted by Jo Rourke (Owner of Silver Tongue Translators) who recently, along with myself & lots of other champions of co-working, went along to The Mac, Belfast to join a new coworking community.

“In perfect symmetry, it was through the networking events that I then heard about the co-working initiatives taking place around Northern Ireland. I linked up with Dawn from Sensei at the Thrive Newtownabbey event and she told me about a co-working venture she was working on, called WabiSabi. I attended one of their events last week at The MAC, which was all about building a co-working community and figuring out what co-workers want. I also found out about other co-working events in Northern Ireland, like the well-established Hub in Newry, which I’m going to pop into on the way to a meeting in Dundalk next month.  As for contacts made during the day, I met accountants, career coaches, business development experts, SEO specialists, web designers….the list goes on. Co-working is something that many of my US-based translator colleagues rave about and I’ve always been jealous of the community they become a part of. Working from home offers unparalleled freedom when it comes to working hours, but sometimes, it’s nice to share a coffee with a colleague and chat about nothing in particular. I’m very excited about finally being able to become a co-worker! ” For the rest of the article…

Other good news on the business community front…

Local “Twitter Hour” community & business feeds / discussions are now happening weekly in Belfast / Newry / Lisburn & are really starting thrive & help local businesses & freelancers get their say & push projects & ideas forward.
In Newry the new “Business Improvement District” debate continues & if the vote goes through in October, as did in Ballymena, should bring such much needed support to local trade & business here & also help to drive & promote more trade our way. There are over 180 BIDs in the UK with many expected to grow in the ROI.  UK BIDs will bring in around £300 million over the next 5 years to help develop their areas. Northern Ireland has embraced the concept of a BID to develop major towns and cities.  The Department of Social Development has supported the roll out of a BID pilot scheme for Newry, Strabane, Lisburn Road, Ballymena, Enniskillen, Cathedral Quarter Belfast and Belfast City Centre.

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It’s all positive & let’s keep it that way, onwards & upwards for N. Ireland & beyond!!!

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