Community supports us in all aspects of life….

by suzanne

Community gives us a sense of belonging and being a part of a network helps us in all aspects of life be-it in a working scenario or not.

A coworking environment with a ready made network can help alleviate loneliness especially for those usually working from home or moving around a lot. Sometimes, just having people around while working can be all that is needed to alleviate isolation. Having a structure in place be it renting an desk, office, or using a meeting room in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere can help build a sense of community and rapport among like-minded individuals. It can also improve productivity as outside distractions are reduced.

Using a coworking space even one day a week can be particularly beneficial to people who travel a lot and are looking a base to work from, meet a like-minded group of people in a friendly environment who often benefit from our shared skills network. This can help raise productivity levels, as well as providing practical support. There there should always be something happening in a coworking space from a community and collaborative perspective. We encourage our coworkers to take part in community activities, enhancing a sense of unity for all Hub members but nothing is ever mandatory, we appreciate that everyone is different.
Having an emotional support network around should never be underestimated. Give someone five minutes of your time for a chat & listen to them. We’re always reinforcing the Hub’s  Mental wellbeing pledge  and it’s commitment to ensuring all the members that use our facilities are “firing on all cylinders” as much as possible.
The Hub’s “hands on approach” to our community projects and fundraising initiatives including constant involvement with local charities allows for a spirit of collaboration between coworkers.
The ethos of uniting, giving  something back to the local community, promoting a sense of well being and the knowledge that vital funds are being raised, all allows coworkers to have a sense of satisfaction and reward in their work and life in general.

If you are interested in viewing our facilities here at the Hub or would like to find out more information please visit our website TheHubNewry or contact us on: 

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