Vision Boards – let’s get clear about what we really want!

by suzanne

Eve Earley of Empowering Change has been delivering Vision Board Workshops quarterly since 2017. They began as an adjunct to her Artist Way groups – as many participants experienced great benefit from the collages they’d created while undertaking that process.

What is a Vision Board?

It’s a tool we use to anchor ourselves to an intentional path.

Why do a Vision Board Workshop?

We lead busy, chaotic lives – pulled in many directions – personally, professionally and in the wider world. But what do we want for our future?

When we get clarity about what really matters – consciously & unconsciously every decision is framed by our desire to reach our desired outcomes.

And getting clear does not happen amidst the chaos of our daily lives. 

Three things you’ll get:   

  1. Space and time to get clarity and literally map your ideal outcomes 

  1. A full day of breathing room and connection with like-minded peers 

  1. The tools you need to create a Vision Board which draws us forward, by tangibly contrasting your destination with what is keeping you stuck. 

Our lives are in flux as we all recalculate the map, we set for ourselves just 6 months ago in the New Year.  
Even if our destination is unchanged – there are new routes to take and vehicles to use along the way. 

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