‘Sanity’ – in spite of uncertainty for community & ourselves

by suzanne

In times of uncertainty our gut, fight or flight response tends to leap into putting our community circles and families first, keeping them safe and right but are we also looking after ourselves?

In our Ask The Expert series we are exploring ‘Sanity’ in times of uncertainty, how do we achieve this and consistently, both for us as individuals and to be able to equip ourselves in order to serve community and our businesses.

We are effectively running in slow motion. Each day we’re aiming at a moving target while in crisis mode. It’s as though we’re running a marathon without a finish line. Slow down! We have to pace ourselves & stay together to stay right. Let’s prioritise looking after our sanity, health and wellbeing too!

Keeping Sane Through our Circles: 

The Hub Newry’s coworking community member Darren Mag Aoidh shared his wisdom –

“Ní neart go cur le chéile (Unity is strength)


Is ar scáth a chéile a mhaireas na daoine (We depend on one another)”.

  • Reaching out – while not together in physical space we can check in with family, business colleagues, friends through call’s / emails & support.
  • Upskilling – with regards to our businesses many of us have braved using multiple new online communication tools – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime that I know for a fact I wasn’t at ease using previously!
  • Join Forces – by participating on webinars giving tutorials on how to set up new online courses, tips and links on how to use online remote tools, eg Zoom, Google Docs, Slack and so many experts have donated their skills and time for free to support us through this learning.
  • Buddy systems – for members to help each other with projects, using new technology and being accountable to one another
  • Signposting information e.g. other networking groups, contacts, info links
  • Supporting each other through online meet-ups – coffee and chat even happy hours and virtual pubs.
  • Serve – by helping in the community through food donations, community deliveries facilitating work exchanges / trade swaps / skills swaps

Put on your oxygen mask first!

Firstly, we must keep ourselves balanced and resilient before we can help others

Whether or not there is a way to define “an executive type” – every solopreneur and micro-business owner is tasked with becoming one!  Which is not to say you have to do it all – but you do have to commit to becoming the CEO of your own life and business. Skills of an effective administrator

Working from home whilst simultaneously:

  • home schooling children
  • learning new technologies (with broadband constantly dropping)
  • fitting in your exercise
  • managing household chores, the essential DIY jobs haven’t gone away
  • food shopping, queuing to get into a shop, trying to remember what essentials you need, queuing to pay, getting it home to have to wipe everything before putting it all in its home
  • keeping up with the latest Covid 19 do’s and don’ts
  • being told to keep calm and do your meditation / yoga


But there are ways of getting through:

  1. Stop trying to be productive – The internet wants you to believe you aren’t doing enough with all that “extra time” you have now. But staying inside and attending to basic needs is plenty.
  2. Write yourself a schedule, pace yourself & design in breaks and downtime – your days will obviously look different but structure is key.
  3. Watch less news! Check in once or twice a day, if something is critical, you’ll hear about it!
  4. Recognize that it’s okay to be feel down, and talk to someone about it
  5. If you’re isolating with others then give each other some space
  6. Connect with friends and people you’ve been out of touch with old friends, former work colleagues. Get a different perspective. Write a letter or send a postcard!


This month in our Ask The Expert series we’ve tried to cover the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ to get there……

Where CEOs have staff every solopreneur and micro-business owner should have a tribe

Stop chasing shortcuts and start chasing timeless practices

This is how you should train yourself to be smarter


So tell us:

  • How are you coping, highs and lows?
  • What techniques are you using save your sanity?
  • If you’re struggling – tell us what the challenges are – be specific. If there’s a remedy – maybe we know someone who is using it.
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  • #Collaborate
  • #Resilience


Helpful resources for staying sane:

Wellconor with Conor Rooney – an expert in holistic therapies & is currently offering a number of free guided meditations and relaxation workshops

Wellbeing NI with Lorraine Rooney – has been working with individuals and businesses over Northern Ireland for years offering therapies that help your mind, body and soul

Raw Fusion with Amanda & Rowan Kearns – award winning from Northern Ireland they are on a mission to help those struggling each day, those who put pressure on themselves to perform, even when they don’t feel up to it. This ineffectiveness is experienced by 54% – 63% of the UK employee population, with much of the research pointing to key dietary factors. Raw Fusion creation of supplements, juices and programmes are designed to help you perform at your highest level.

Or try a relaxation App!


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