Don’t go it alone, people need people – collaboration!

by suzanne
#dontgoitalone, people need people & collaboration

Collaboration and why people need people – part of the #AskTheExpert series.


As early adopters and veterans of the early days of  coworking in Ireland – Suzanne Murdock and Eve Earley and conceived this Circle – Ask the Expert – as a means of directly bringing you the best of what goes on when you work in an open, collaborative, and cooperative environment.

We never knew the extent of what we didn’t know – until we found ourselves in a serendipitous moments of collaboration surrounded by experts, wearing an array of hats, occupying desks and offices in our coworking spaces, enabling us to curate amazing business community networks.

We’re proud to call our community a ‘home’ to mediators, web designers, digital marketers, solicitors, surveyors, accountants, bookkeepers, HR professionals, tech and traditional small business startups, videographers and even translators.

So whether you are an expert or need one – join us!

Here’s why:

The ‘water-cooler’ effect was identified decades ago – but in this digital age it’s been getting a lot more press.

This article from Spark Collaboration – an outreach of Nesta – the UK innovation foundation – cites a number of interesting articles on just how it works.

“Organisations and employees realised through RCTs (Randomised Coffee Trials) that there’s real value in stepping away from our technology and plugging in to real human interaction.”

Here’s what we know.

  • The most successful people on our radar are always learning.

  • Continuing Professional Development is more than the CPD credits that you accumulate to tick a professional standards box.

  • Success often comes down to who you know.

  • Chance encounters are undervalued – or as one thought leader puts it, “it’s worth Engineering Serendipity

So bring your expertise – or your passion for learning to one of the upcoming Thursday Lunch & Learn sessions – Monthly at the Hub Newry or virtually – every week! See our events list

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