Don’t go it alone – collaboration & the case for engineering serendipity

by suzanne

Collaboration and why people need people – following on……part of the #AskTheExpert series.

 the case for Engineering Serendipity

“We still have no idea how to pursue what former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld famously described as “unknown unknowns.” … It’s not enough to ask where good ideas come from — we need to rethink how we go about finding them.”

The article refers to laboratories relocating and throwing new collaborations together – and the architectural hoops they’re jumping through to have Silicon Valley campuses maximise “casual collisions of the workforce.”

Here’s what came of such a “casual collision” in a coworking space:

A digital marketer and a website designer take desks in a coworking office.

A tech startup needs some digital marketing help.

The tech founder’s brother-in-law needs a website – and by the way some marketing.

A new business is born – a campaign launched and a Dani Award won – in Year One!

And sometimes the relationships and connections just aren’t all that obvious. And not even immediately fruitful. This collaboration arose from a BizCamp introduction:

An accountant moves into business consultancy


He puts together a team – 3 of the five include a Dublin Engineer, a Newry Coach,
an Antrim Web Designer and a Limerick expert in tender preparations.

It goes nowhere. The accountant disappears into solo consultancy work.

Two years later the Engineer & the Tender Expert win a major contract for a third party

Three years on the Coach & Web Designer launch an AR/VR product for Travel & Tourism


Five years on the referrals among the four continue.

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