Committing to making a change through creativity – podcast interview

by suzanne

Nurturing Creativity & Courage through committing to making a change. 

When was the last time you thought – “I could never do that!”
Have you ever not taken on a challenge because you believed you would fail?

In this podcast interview with presenter Eve Earley of Empowering Change and interviewer Donagh McKeown of Irish Voices podcast series Eve explores the journey within the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.

Why is change so difficult, how do we catalyse the change and who can help us along the way?

Julia Cameron summarises the resistance to change beautifully in this paragraph:

“Creativity involves process, and process involves change. The truism we often hear is that we often resist change because change is difficult or change is painful. This is not quite accurate. It is the resistance to change that is difficult or painful. In the same way, it is the resistance to our creativity that causes us to equate it with suffering. 

It is important to remember that “effort” and “suffering” are two different things.”

Journeying through our creativeness (we don’t have to be artists) in a safe and supported way to discover what might be possible.

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