Ask The Expert Bio – Ellie McBride on Productivity Strategy

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Ellie McBride of Calibrated Concepts an expert on Productivity Strategy


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Describe your expertise:

I am a tools and systems geek, which has lead me to specialise in helping people with digital productivity sessions and building beautiful bespoke Squarespace websites.

A website is the only area of the internet that you are complete control over your message and how your customers interact with your brand. It’s an essential step in providing a streamlined customer experience for those working with you. Squarespace is an easy to use and affordable option for small businesses to get beautiful and reactive websites. I’ve spent years learning to use the software and finding tricks to create beautiful custom websites.

Is it your own business or are you an employee of the company?

I own my business.

When was Calibrated Concepts founded?

I founded my business in January 2018!

What services do you offer?

Squarespace Websites & Tech Productivity Sessions

Calibrated Concepts Website

Describe your ideal client/customer:

I help women-led businesses that are looking to get help in their business to feel lighter, happier, and more in control. Allowing them to do the work that brings them joy and leave the stressful, complicated, or time-consuming tasks in capable hands.

What are the main benefits of working with you/your business?

Not having to take the time to learn how to find the right tools to run your business, then learn how to implement them, connect them to each other and set up a system around them.

In regards to Squarespace, I know all the ins and outs of the platform and can build you a gorgeous and professional website in just a couple of weeks. Instead of you taking the time to try to get it all together yourself and winding up with a website that doesn’t look at all like you’d hoped.

Why would someone recommend you or your expertise?

Don’t take it from me, take it from Anita W.

“Ellie is a delight to work with, she is incredibly efficient and informed, directing me towards the best systems and processes for my business. She was able to translate the ideas I had in mind and quickly bring them to fruition. She worked to a tight timeline to enable my new website to be live for the Christmas season. I appreciated her clear instructions, guidance and approachability, especially as I am not very tech savvy. Having Ellie complete the tasks that I was unsure of has been so very helpful and given me greater confidence to pursue new avenues within my business. I will definitely use Calibrated Concepts again and would highly recommend her services to anyone else who needs some extra help and expertise. As a solo entrepreneur, I am used to juggling multiple tasks, having Ellie onboard has helped to relieve some of the workload and stresses, freeing me up to do what I love, creating!”

What else would you like us to know about you or your business?

The world has shifted and those who can are adapting to a digital life. And some feel stuck and aren’t sure how to best bring their in-person offerings online. I truly believe that each of us has something to offer this world, especially in times such as these.

For me this looks like serving by building women and their businesses up through creating systems and beautiful websites. Because I follow so many beautiful makers, content creators, service providers and more that deserve to have their ideas and voices heard! And I have the skillset to set them up with a killer website and automated processes so they can feel more ease in their business.

With my help they can do more of what lights them up and better serve their own communities. I believe in the power of what I do. Because I know it can help inspiring women in business thrive.

Expert Presentation Squarespace 101 – Ellie McBride

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