About Suzanne

About Suzanne

"Discovering your full potential, together with your best flexible working environments & meaningful connections brings so much agility; a sense of belonging & really sustains your energy & performance." Suzanne Murdock

Hi, I'm Suzanne Murdock, The Hub's MD & CoCreator

A Hybrid Workplace & Agility Strategist | Accredited Coach & Mentor

Podcaster 🎙️ | Panel Speaker & Moderator


“I help SME business owners, property owners & flex operators with their hybrid & flexible workplace transformations.”

A particular focus on regional v city centric workplaces

Discover your optimum, flexible working environments & those meaningful connections that bring agility, a sense of belonging & sustain your energy & performance.”


“I help SME business owners & FlexSpace owners & operators reach their full potential through executive, leadership & general business coaching & mentoring.”

Together we can bring you Clarity, Define your Purpose, and set you on your Confident Journey of Endless Possibilities & Sustainable Energy!

Here’s some great feedback….

“Suzanne is a leading light in the field of flexible workspace and coworking she was one of the key people that inspired me to start my project. She’s a natural at relationship building and mentoring, very easy to work with and a great listener.” Martin Gilchrist, Workshore Ltd

“I found the coaching & mentoring sessions really helped me find out more about myself & feel more fulfilled at work, identifying and understanding my strengths and how I can better use them to reach my goals. The coaching helped me gain more confidence and clarity and we developed a tool kit that I can use going forward.” Clanrye Group

A little bit about me….

My background’s focused around relationship management in corporate banking, real estate & hospitality. I’ve been working in the flexible workplace industry as an owner / operator for over 12 years now and cofounded our regional network of flexible office workspaces back in 2012 based in Newry, Northern Ireland on the border between Dublin & Belfast.

I’m a big advocate for regional, independent & local workspaces & aside from being a flex operator I’m also a certified coach & mentor & love working with flex / coworking owners & operators in this field. 

For me it’s the whole piece around workplace experience, fulfilment & a member’s sense of belonging rather than just having to fit in. So asking those deep questions and really listening in to workplace requirements at both a business and an individual level can be a game changer. Providing more natural environments to suit individual personalities & ways of working and really nurturing those longer-term connections and support can be transformational.

One of the other areas I’m hugely passionate is enabling meaningful human interaction and helping quieter souls to find their voice, find a platform that’s right for them and to ignite their super powers in what can sometimes feel like a very overwhelming and noisy workplace landscape.

Finally, over the last couple of years I’ve developed a love of participating and moderating panel discussions around the flexible workplace, community & finding our sense of belonging!

Who do I work with & what’s my approach?

Forward thinking SME business owners, property owners & / or flex space operators ready to embrace change.

I ask those deeper questions giving you the time and safe space to get curious, explore possibilities that bring you clarity, purpose and lead to long term growth and transformational changes.

We look at workplace requirements at a business level whilst recognising your individual personality, strengths & values and / or that of the individuals within your team. 

Together we work towards your growth in a realistic, sustainable, and meaningful way that works for you.

Here are some examples of what we can work on together:

  • How to launch & develop a flexible workspace business without wasting time & money (property owners & flex operators). A particular focus on regional v city centric workplaces
  • Learn more about hybrid working, flexible office & coworking spaces & other workspace options & where do you start?
  • Helping SME flex space owners & / or operators to stop the constant juggle, get clear & prioritise
  • Executive, leadership & SME business coaching / mentoring – embrace your potential 
  • Career & workplace transitioning 
  • Work with an accountability /  strategic thinking partner
  • Nurturing introversion – an invitation to clarify your unique skills & style to allow you to thrive

Here’s how you can work with me

Together we can bring a transformational change to you and your business so please get in touch!


“As a mentor, I can say that while her experience and credentials are impressive, it’s more important to know that her persistence, perseverance, and resilience are grounded in boundless energy, abiding intellectual curiosity, and a laser focus – all personably delivered!” Eve Earley, Empowering Change


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