About Suzanne

About Suzanne

"Discovering your optimum, flexible working environments & those meaningful connections brings agility, a sense of belonging & sustains your energy & performance." Suzanne Murdock

Hi, I'm Suzanne Murdock, The Hub's MD & CoCreator - Flexible Office Solutions & Workspace Provider

A Certified Coach Mentor - Support With Hybrid & Flexible Working Solutions; Workplace Transitioning & Fulfilment


“I help business owners, team leaders & remote workers with their hybrid & flexible workplace transformations. 

Discover your optimum, flexible working environments & those meaningful connections that bring agility, a sense of belonging & sustain your energy & performance.”


“A thought leader in the flexible workplace industry, enjoy hosting & participating in panel discussions.”

Let’s get started, here’s how we can work together…

Here’s some great feedback….

“Suzanne is a leading light in the field of flexible workspace and coworking she was one of the key people that inspired me to start my project. She’s a natural at relationship building and mentoring, very easy to work with and a great listener.” Martin Gilchrist, Workshore Ltd

“I found the sessions really helped me find out more about myself & feel more fulfilled at work, identifying and understanding my strengths and how I can better use them to reach my goals. The coaching helped me gain more confidence and clarity and we developed a tool kit that I can use going forward.” Clanrye Group

A little bit about me….

“I’m particularly motivated with the rapid adaptions and drive to meet the evolving requirements and advancements in the future landscape of the workplace together with the development in workplace experience, culture and agility.”

Coming from a relationship management background within the corporate banking and property sectors I’ve been immersed in the flexible workplace industry for over 11 years. Originally from Epsom, Surrey and having moved to Northern Ireland in 2009 I co-founded our network of award-winning, flexible office workspaces in 2012 in Newry, Northern Ireland based on the border between Belfast and Dublin. This ignited my sense of belonging, purpose and community that so often goes hand in hand with the ethos of flexible workplace industry and was fantastic having recently moved to a new area.

As a certified coach and mentor, I offer support around workplace experience; flexible and hybrid working strategies and solutions, helping a diverse range of businesses.

Discovering our most natural, flexible working environments together with meaningful connections and support that truly align can really sustain our energy & performance.

“For me the magic & transformation happens when we take time to listen in and ask deeper questions, exploring visions and workplace requirements at a business level whilst recognising the personality, strengths & values of the individuals within our teams.”

  • Host of ‘Powering Productivity’ podcast providing valuable insights, solutions & connections for remote workers & flexible workspace operators.
  • Thought leadership role within flexible workplace industry
  • Enjoy hosting & participating in panel discussions
  • Partner & network with workspace operators & wider industry communities across Ireland, UK & globally
  • A remote working advocate with Grow Remote Ireland
  • Proud to be sponsoring one of the first girls’ soccer teams in our area.
  • Board Director of Clanrye Group since 2019 – employability & skills-based charity
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Arts

Here’s a few words that best describe me…..

  • Introvert at heart
  • Great listener, mentor
  • Advocate of choice & flexibility
  • Thrive on anything heritage, history & horticulture
  • Swimmer & yogi

Who do I work with & what’s my approach?

Forward thinking SME business owners, team leaders & remote workers, ready to embrace change.

I ask those deeper questions to help you explore visions and workplace requirements at a business level whilst recognising your personality, strengths & values and / or that of the individuals within your team. Is everything in alignment?

My Pillars & Values include:

  • Embracing change 
  • Inclusiveness
  • Agility
  • Workplace fulfilment
  • Aligned strengths, values & goals
  • Sustainability, accountability & transparency

Here are some examples of what we can work on together:

  • Learn more about flexible office workspaces, coworking & other hybrid workplace model options 
  • Discover the positive impacts hybrid & flex can bring & is it right for you & your business?
  • Exploring your hybrid & flexible workplace strategy – what do you need to consider & where do you start?
  • Help with implementation and process
  • Workplace transitioning & employee experience – navigating through changing cultures, communications & ways of working, finding clarity, confidence & fulfilment for you & your team
  • Executive coaching – exploring strengths & values, clarity, confidence, productivity & fulfilment
  • An accountability partner

Here’s how you can work with me

I’d love to help bring a hybrid working transformation to you and your business so please get in touch!

“Suzanne is the font of all knowledge and a pioneer when it comes to the flexible & hybrid workspace industry. She’s been consistent in offering first class services in her ever evolving network of flexible workspaces and is a natural in relationship building and mentoring, very easy to work with and a great listener.”
– Martin Gilchrist, Gilchrist & Co Chartered Accountants

The Hub is now one of the leading coworking spaces in Northern Ireland offering desk hire, private office spaces, meeting room hire and virtual office facilities.

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