About Suzanne

About Suzanne

"I’m on a mission to educate around hybrid, flexible and remote working best practice & the exciting future of the workplace landscape."

Suzanne Murdock is the Hub's MD & CoCreator - Flexible Office Solutions & Workspace Provider

A Certified Coach Mentor & Strategist - Workplace Transitioning, Hybrid & Flexible Workplace Solutions


“I help business owners,  team leaders & remote workers discover their optimum hybrid & flexible workplace models for both them and their team helping them empower their performance, productivity and ultimately their profits.”


“Educate around flexible office workspaces, coworking & your workspace options.”


“I help property owners, landlords & flexible workspace operators who want to launch, develop or explore how to create a successful & connected flexible office workspace business without wasting their time & money, maximising performance and ultimately profits.” 

A little bit about me….

  • Grew up in Epsom in a small, close family, surrounded by heritage & garden fanatics
  • A child of the 80’s when shell suits, the Filofax, Top Of The Pops, walk-mans & The A-Team were the business
  • Moved to Newry, Northern Ireland back in 2009
  • A mum & taxi driver to 2 sporty teenagers
  • Obsessed with history & what makes people shine
  • An introvert who’s also a great listener & very creative
  • Lives for flexibility in work and life and also thrives on routine & systems
  • Needs varying workspace environments depending on energy & creativity levels, task at hand & logistics that day
  • A qualified swimming teacher & first aider
  • Loves yoga
  • A Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (RSA)

Official bio….

  • A degree in Accounting & Finance at UWE, Bristol led to her first real job with Lloyds Corporate Banking
  • Centred around relationship management for over 20 years within corporate finance & property sectors
  • Accidentally fell in to coworking & hybrid working & not looked back
  • Co-creator & Director of award winning ‘The Hub Newry’ network of flexible office workspaces & coworking from 2012 to date
  • Set up & implemented a new quality standards framework for the provision of flexible office working & coworking for which        Suzanne received full ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Co-Founder of Irish Coworking Assembly
  • On a mission to educate around hybrid, flexible and remote working best practice & the future of the workplace landscape
  • A Board Director of Clanrye Group community organisation, Northern Ireland
  • Mentor with The Young Enterprise, Northern Ireland
  • Check out my Powering Productivity Podcast

Last but not least…..

Here’s a few words that best describe me as a human:

  • Mother, daughter, wife, sister
  • South London roots
  • Country, outdoors girl at heart
  • Introvert, intuitive, empathetic, creative, independent
  • Great listener, mentor
  • Advocate of choice & flexibility
  • Creature of consistency & boundaries
  • Time poor, energy rollercoaster
  • Self-employed
  • Cat & hen owner
  • Heritage, culture, garden, Lucy Worsley & Monty Don fanatic
  • History obsessed
  • Swimmer, yogi
  • Fear of public speaking & big groups but also love to be heard

“When we’re grounded in our best, authentic working environments we can naturally flow with what comes our way. We give our best and then we can shine!” Suzanne Murdock

Who do I work with & how can I help you?

Business owners, team leaders & remote workers who want to find their optimum hybrid workplace arrangements for both leader and team, powering performance, productivity and ultimately profits. 

Here are some examples of what we can work on together:

  • Learn more about flexible office workspaces, coworking spaces and your workspace options.
  • ·Discover what hybrid can do for you & your business, what positive impacts can it bring?
  • Understand if hybrid or remote working is right for you & your business, what are your workplace model options & where do you start?
  • What do you need to consider before you explore hybrid workplace models?

Property owners / landlords and / or flexible workspace operators who want to launch, develop or explore how to create a successful & connected flexible workspace business without wasting time & money, maximising performance and ultimately profits. 


Here’s how you can work with me

I have a number of ways that we can work together, see below:

Not sure which option is right for you, let’s have the conversation first, see if we’re a good fit and we can take it from there!

If I don’t have the expertise you need, I will tell you I promise and I’ll try my best to direct you to a range of other resources and partners I know!

I’d love to help bring a hybrid working transformation to you and your business so please get in touch!

“Suzanne is the font of all knowledge and a pioneer when it comes to the flexible & hybrid workspace industry. She’s been consistent in offering first class services in her ever evolving network of flexible workspaces and is a natural in relationship building and mentoring, very easy to work with and a great listener.”
– Martin Gilchrist, Gilchrist & Co Chartered Accountants

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