Stephanie Clyde-Hub Team.

Coworking-what’s it all about?

A pre-conceived notion of the office & coworking scenario as stuffy and impersonal could not have been further from the truth. The Hub has always something going on and a vibrant, lively atmosphere, where work and fun go hand in hand!!

A sense of unity among the coworkers is highly evident on a day-to-day basis, and everyone I have met has been very welcoming. Realizing just what coworking itself is all about was also an education. Different types of businesses combined under a shared, sustainable office space, with the opportunity to rent an individual desk, an office for longer term use, or to have a business mailbox address for correspondence and mail forwarding facilities.

Environmental and Green initiatives,are an indicator of the many other areas that coworking communities can get involved in. Having a sustainability policy in place is not only good practice in reducing carbon footprint, but also leads to good marketing and publicity for the Hub. The use of up-cycled materials in the building is evident throughout.

After returning to study at degree level in International Hospitality&Tourism Management, the importance of Sustainable initiatives and how they can be implemented in a positive way, was a key learning outcome. The Hub are a great example of these values being implemented daily. The opportunity to further apply the theory learnt at Southern Regional College shall be put into action with various events scheduled over the coming days and weeks. 

The first event that took place was  a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support  A great turnout and over £260 raised for an invaluable charity,  a great opportunity to network,make new and strengthen existing contacts, reinforcing the Hub’s commitment to collaborating with other businesses in the locality.

Coffee and cake for Macmillan!!

The ethos of participating in community projects is another string to the bow of the Hub’s coworking ideology. Again, in terms of promotion for the business and giving back to the locality, these projects have an added positive effect. Affiliation with local charities on a rotation basis is another way that coworking can play a positive role outside the office.  

In conclusion, coworking for me has been a wholly positive experience so far, and with expansion and lots more events coming up, the future is exciting to say the least!!.